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Irene Pappas

Irene believes that yoga can be a powerful tool for transformation. Her journey started in the gym, where she spent several years working out obsessively and counting every calorie. She was convinced that if she could work out enough to have the perfect body, she would be happy. Instead she felt even more lost. In 2012 Irene found yoga and immediately knew she had found her path. When she did her first 200 hour teacher training she did not intend to teach right away, but she soon realized that sharing yoga with others was her purpose. As a lover of movement, Irene is passionate about her practice. She has studied Ashtanga, Rocket, Yoga Nidra, and more. Irene’s curiosity has also taken her off the mat, and has led her to study with hand balancers, circus performers, and contortionists to expand her own knowledge and explore the capabilities of her body. After experiencing a life changing wrist injury Irene has redefined her yoga practice in many ways, placing more emphasis on a strong foundation and finding gratitude for her body with or without advanced asana. She still enjoys intense practice but has learned to value being a good person over being good at yoga asana.

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Irene Pappas
Flexibility Drills Challenge

Join Irene Pappas for a full course on Advanced Flexibility. This course offers 5 classes including a warm up that’s perfect for helping to prepare the body for many o...