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Jessica Sayre

Jessica Sayre is the Director and founder of the Source energy Yoga Studio in Cleveland Ohio. What brought Jessica to Yoga was a journey of self discovery . Through Yoga she began to find self love and has lost 100’s of pounds with the practice and came to find sobriety as well. She has studied for many years prior to Yoga at a local Zen temple learning the art of mindfulness and meditation , and when she found Yoga it was the feeling of coming home . From that moment on she knew that teaching Yoga from the stand point of self acceptance ,was what the world needed more of. She brings a style all her own to her Vinyasa classes that will make you laugh and warm your heart ,but also challenge you . Jessica teaches Ashtanga Yoga and loves Ashtanga as her daily practice . Join her in her course and explore the depth within your heart that she hopes to help all her students find

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Jessica Sayre
Yoga For Every Body Basics

Join Jessica for a course that's designed to meet the needs of EVERY BODY. This course offers several classes that will help build strength, flexibility, and peace of ...