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Marisa Silverman


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Growing up in New York, I had addictions to carbs, sugar, and basically anything sweet and processed. Later on in life, these habits caused me to have major anxiety, thyroid problems, menstrual discomfort, rapidly thinning hair and no energy. As much as I worked out and thought I was eating “clean,” I could not drop the last 10 lbs. no matter what I tried – the programs I signed up for, training two hours a day – nothing was working. Cravings would take over causing binge eating on the weekends, and Mondays were other than the best days ever. Not how the week should be starting. I ended up seeking medical attention and was prescribed thyroid, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression medications. The doctor did not once ask me anything about my lifestyle, what I was eating, what I was doing for my mind and body, like it was irrelevant. Though I was trying everything from fat burning supplements, hair supplements, and eating what I thought was a balanced, healthy diet (lean proteins, complex carbs, fresh juices, etc.) I felt worse and worse every day. I kept thinking, “Something has got to give, I can’t live the rest of my life like this!” It was a vicious cycle. Even as a little girl, I realized everything I ate had a direct connection to how I felt, but that still didn’t stop me. It was like I was possessed! My stomach had a mind of its own and I would unconsciously end up in the kitchen snacking on whatever was available to satisfy that craving. One time, I threw a homemade, insanely delicious carrot cake into the garbage, and I actually went back in there to eat more. Right then and there, I realized I had major addictions and attachments to sugar, and it still didn’t stop then. I continued pounding myself in the gym, eating a “trainer’s diet” and binging on the weekends. Constantly thinking life would be boring without my treats, I would justify rewarding myself with food that tasted so good but would make me feel so bad. How is that rewarding?! My thyroid, hair, anxiety and periods continued to get worse. My hair was getting so thin I couldn’t even wear it down. I wasn’t feeding my body nutrition, it was all empty calories. Not just empty, but damaging. My adrenals were cooked, and I was constantly inflamed. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, I wanted to get to the root of the problem but I had no idea where to start. I remember feeling lost, scared, and alone. After dinner one night, having sushi (edamame, brown rice tuna roll, and two glasses of wine), I fainted and hit my head really hard on the tile floor. I saw my doctor, who spent only five minutes with me and wanted to increase my medications. Yes, I could not think clearly, but I crystal clearly knew that I had to run in the opposite direction. THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM!!! The next day, a girlfriend introduced me to Carol from California via telephone, who wanted to tell me about a business she was getting into. Carol ended up saving my life and became the first Holistic practitioner I worked with. She literally was the answer to my prayers, and I’m forever grateful. She taught me how to eat! So excited, I started right away! Feeding my body real nutrition, the craving disappeared and I started feeling different. I was happy and ALIVE again!!! In 2004, I started a Nutrition Masters program at Florida International University. I was struggling to pass my organic chemistry classes and was working at the same time. My social life was non-existent and there was no balance. At the end of class one day I asked my professor, “When this is all done, where will I be working?” Grateful for her honest answer, she said “In a hospital, and you will most likely have to take on private clients.” Instantly, it was super clear to me that this was not my path either. The last place in the world I want to be is in a hospital. That is where bacteria and disease are housed and I find the nutrition there is Other than Best. Feeding heart attack victims pizza and other fast foods doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s helping the sick maintain their sickness. Finding a Holistic Nutrition School was clearly the path for me. I completed the Integrative School of Nutrition program in 2009. By the time I graduated, I completely healed myself, wasn’t on one prescription, maintained my desired body weight in a healthy way, my hair was growing back and I couldn’t be happier! I felt better at 27 than I did in my entire life’s existence. This is the reason why I have created this platform and service to you! I’ve helped thousands of people cure tons of different issues by teaching the Holistic Lifestyle. What’s really important to know: What is beneficial for one person might be poison for someone else. Something might be appropriate for a time in your life but not forever. Marketing has taken over and controlled our thoughts and lives. These gimmick masterminds stamp food products with “low fat,”‘ “high in antioxidants,” “high fiber,” “100 calorie,” and the list goes on. We the consumers buy it, think it’s healthy, end up eating it everyday because it’s quick and full of “antioxidants” when really we feel un-energized and aren’t getting results. The food and pharmaceutical companies are multi-million dollar entities and will do whatever it takes to sucker you and your families in. We have the power to say NO by not supporting and or buying this nonsense. Support yourself! Use the information on this site to make wise choices. We are so lucky because we do have a choice. The Best is out there! Your Best is AWESOME! Learn how to make wise choices in supporting your health, wellness, longevity, and wellbeing! Feeling Amazing is Priceless!!

Growing up in New York, I had addictions to carbs, sugar, and basically anything sweet and processed. Later on in life, these habits caused me to have major anxiety, thyroid problems, menstrual discomfort, rapidly thinning hair and no energy. As much as I worked out and thought I was eating “clean,”...Read More

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