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Mia Forbes Pirie

Intelligent change expert Mia Forbes Pirie is a quiet storm. As a mediator and coach whose clients have ranged from the US and Mongolian governments to the Church of England, the London born peace maker’s talent lies in helping people to relate better (to themselves and others). Mia’s approach, whether working with individuals or countries, stems from a background steeped in the mindfulness and spiritual training she has honed over a period of twenty years prior and whilst working in conflict resolution. Yoga and mindfulness meditation are what support Mia in her work and life is. She views the four month period she spent in India studying with Sri K Pattabhi Jois the founding father of Ashtanga Yoga and the first ten day silent retreat she embarked on in Nepal as equal catalysts in her journey. Today, yoga and meditation are embedded in Mia's life. She returns to a silent retreat annually and meditates daily. It is this commitment to the practice of helping individuals to run their thoughts rather than having their thoughts run them and find peace, that has inspired Mia to share the meditation and yoga learning that has aided her own development both personally and professionally. Having trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and some of the world’s leading international yoga teachers to become a certified health coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher, she has created a deep six week online mindfulness programme ( Mia coaches people individually and teaches at top London studios. For more information see IntelligentChange.Life

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Mia Forbes Pirie
Intelligent Start

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