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Polina Marian

Polina's love for health and wellness began when her Grandmother Rosa decided to change her health and went to school to become a Doctor at 55 years old. In her first year of school she learned about Yoga, healthy eating, and a completely different way of living than the one she knew before. ​ Polina learned Ashtanga Yoga at a very young age from her Grandmother and followed her love and passion for sharing the practice by owning and operating several Yoga and Pilates studios for 10 years. In the midst of owning her studios she gave birth to 5 beautiful children and started to discover the powers of Essential Oils. ​The last six years Polina has spent countless number of hours studying, reasearching, and experimenting the use of Essential Oils with over 3,000 people including a more intimate experience with her own children. You can now find Polina on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii where she resides with her children Avi (12 yrs old), Elli (10 yrs old), Noah (8 yrs old), Mikah (6 yrs old), and Adelina (4 yrs old).

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Polina Marian
Introduction to Essential Oils

In this course you will learn how to use essential oils in a safe and effective way to optimize your health and the health of your family. Polina will guide you into a...