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Sofia Xirotiri

Sofia Xirotiri started practicing the sport of Gymnastics at the age of 7 transitioning to acrobatic gymnastics at 18 with appearances and victories in national championships. She joined the national team of aerobic gymnastics, with participations and distinctions in European and World Championships. Leaving the field of competitive sport at the age of 30 ,, she is acquainted with Ashtanga Yoga by her teacher and instigator Sava Giantsi. She starts daily practice and in 2010 she takes her first trip to India, Then she attends seminars abroad (Kino Mc Gregor, Taric Tamic)in Ashtanga Yoga and goes to New York to get her diploma on Vinyasa Yoga at the Atmananda Yoga Studio, taught by John Tamayo. At the same time she practices daily with Eddie Stern in Ashtanga Yoga and takes lessons from Dharma Mittra. In 2011 she goes to London to attend classes with Sharath Jois, where she decides to travel to Mysore, India. In January 2014 she gets authorized level 2 from KPJAYI and her teacher in India Sharath Jois. Everyday practice with her teacher , the trips to Mysore and the yoga community are the source of her inspiration . Getting joy and energy out of communicating and shearing her teachings to all who love the practice of yoga! - Professor of Physical Education (Sports & Science College) - Specialty in Gymnastics - Teacher - Vinyasa Yoga (Atmananda Yoga New York) - Garuda kids yoga - Ashtanga Yoga (K.Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute Mysore India) Authorized Level 2

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Sofia Xirotiri
Savvas Giantsis
Dynamic Power: Strength for Yoga, Han...

Welcome to a course not only about the journey to handstands but also the strength, flexibility and good mental health you can experience along the way. Join Sofia and...