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Tatiana Uprimny

Tatiana Uprimny began her journey into yoga in May 2016 and from her very first class she felt a subtle shift inside, as though she had found a missing piece of her puzzle. In March 2017, she was introduced to Ashtanga and that piece finally fit. By January 2018 she had taken MLC’s Ashtanga Intensive Course and thru her devotional approach to her practice she came to understand how important it is to listen to your inner voice in all aspects of life, and how this voice is always guiding us from a deep and intuitive knowledge we all have and can tap into. This message has become her focal point when guiding practitioners thru their practice, always remembering that the essence of yoga is what we do when we find ourselves off our mat.

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Tatiana Uprimny
Ashtanga Quarter Primary Series for B...

Watch the replay of Tatiana's live classes offered right here on Omstars. Join Tatiana in a beginner friendly approach to an Ashtanga Primary Series practice. We will ...