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Intelligent Start

Lifestyle - 7 Lessons

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Just Add Water

4 minutes, 29 seconds

Add Fruit and Veg

2 minutes, 36 seconds

Have a Great Breakfast!

3 minutes, 45 seconds

Explore Your Cravings

4 minutes, 18 seconds

Find Ways You LOVE to Move Your ...

3 minutes, 29 seconds

Just Add Laughter and Smiles!

3 minutes, 5 seconds

Improve EVERY Single Aspect of Y...

3 minutes, 52 seconds

Intelligent Start

Hello and Welcome to an Intelligent Start! Why have I chosen to develop the Intelligent Start program and share it with you? Because I want YOU to be successful. Whatever you’re doing in your life and whatever purpose your life has can only be fulfilled if you are healthy and happy enough to do it. Simple really. Everyone has their own journey with health and wellbeing and I work with people individually to find their path. BUT there are some simple principles that are common to all of us. Sometimes they are so simple that we don’t bother to do them! If we actually made these really easy changes our whole life would be better. Simple things can have huge value! You just need to do them! Someone once asked me if I had had an ah-ha moment – a huge turning point in my life. Initially, I have to be honest, the question irritated me a little. I feel like I have an ‘ah-ha’ moment every week! I’m not a fan of the idea that ONE defining moment has to be pivotal in life. But when I reflected, I realized that there had been one huge shift for me along a journey of many small* shifts: I decided to put my wellbeing first. I decided to stop making bargains with myself, just to ‘get through’ the next thing. I decided to live in a more sustainable way and not to just survive. I’m not saying my life is perfect and finding balance is a matter of repeatedly overshooting in one direction and then the other. But it feels like the overshoots get smaller and even if the path is not always clear, I am happier with that. Your physical and mental health is where it all starts. With good foundations in place, the rest of life gets easier. I got interested in this area because of my personal challenge (which we all have) of staying balanced and healthy whilst working in demanding areas. I took many courses alongside the full-time work that I was doing – mainly for my own benefit – and now I’m sharing a distilled version with you. Podcast by Mia Forbes: https://intelligentchange.life/free-resources/ Preparation for Meditation, Meditation on the Breath, Stabalising Meditation, Dealing with Difficult Feelings, Relaxation, Relaxation for Pain, Eating Meditation

Mia Forbes Pirie


All Levels

Lesson Count:
7 lessons

Total Duration:
25 minutes, 37 seconds


Course Created On:
February 23rd, 2017

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