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Journey from Partner to Acro Yoga:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 46 seconds


    The Journey from Partner to Acro Yoga is a fun and dynamic course that will help you learn how to practice yoga with ... More

  • thumbnail image for Intro

    Duration: 1 minute, 38 seconds


    Find out what you can expect in From Partner Yoga to Acro Yoga plus what sort of experience you need to move through ... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Katerina

    Duration: 4 minutes, 26 seconds

    Meet Katerina

    Get to know a little more about Katerina and how her yoga journey got started, pluss how she moved into practicing pa... More

  • thumbnail image for Partner Yoga Introduction

    Duration: 35 minutes, 18 seconds

    Partner Yoga Introduction

    In this class, Katerina will introduce you to some very gentle partner yoga moves that you can try at home as a begin... More

  • thumbnail image for Deeper into Partner Yoga

    Duration: 35 minutes, 11 seconds

    Deeper into Partner Yoga

    After you get comfortable with the Intro to Partner Yoga, use this class to help you deepen your experience with this... More

  • thumbnail image for Finding your Strength

    Duration: 23 minutes, 26 seconds

    Finding your Strength

    In this partner yoga practice, you and your partner will focus on building the strength you need to continue along th... More

  • thumbnail image for Acro Yoga Introduction

    Duration: 23 minutes, 55 seconds

    Acro Yoga Introduction

    Once you’re comfortable with all the Partner Yoga classes, you can begin the journey into Acro Yoga. Follow along to ... More

  • thumbnail image for Lets Fly High

    Duration: 26 minutes, 10 seconds

    Lets Fly High

    In this class, you will explore 2 new challenging poses from the Acro Yoga Practice. Get ready to work hard, break a ... More

  • thumbnail image for Digging Deeper into Acro Yoga

    Duration: 28 minutes, 31 seconds

    Digging Deeper into Acro Yoga

    Ready to deepen your Acro Yoga practice? Today you will learn some new movements that build upon the postured you lea... More

  • thumbnail image for Lets Fly Some More

    Duration: 18 minutes, 53 seconds

    Lets Fly Some More

    When you’re ready to explore more flying postured in your Journey from Partner to Acro Yoga, then this class is for y... More

  • thumbnail image for More Acro Fun

    Duration: 25 minutes, 37 seconds

    More Acro Fun

    Acro Yoga can be really fun. Once you and your partner are beginning to feel confident with the practice, use this cl... More

  • thumbnail image for Therapy

    Duration: 16 minutes, 25 seconds


    Use this class to move through some therapeutic movements that will help you and your partner release tension and rel... More

  • thumbnail image for Inspiration

    Duration: 1 minute


    Get inspired to explore Acro Yoga with your friends and loved ones. More

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