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Vinyasa Level 2

Wednesday, December 15th at 10:30 pm (in your local timezone)

Get to know your body better with this three-month series of anatomically-informed classes. Categorized as level II vinyasa, this series won’t require extreme strength or range of motion, but will assume some familiarity with vinyasa and a willingness to explore. Along the way, you’ll play with pose variations and diverse techniques—including myofascial release—allowing you to experience anatomical details that can sometimes get lost in the big picture of practice. Classes will use a range of props, so come prepared with: a folded blanket or large towel, a yoga strap (or scarf, tie, rope, or long belt), two yoga blocks (depending on their use in the specific class, you could substitute them with your blanket or towel, or two of the same-size water bottles or books), and two same-size tennis or myofascial release balls.

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Join Rachel and 38 other yogis
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Rachel Land

Rachel's fascination lies in fusing research and tradition together to create a practice that supports and empowers each individual. Her strength is her capacity to bring theory to life, making complex topics in the yoga and wellness sphere feel simple and accessible. She carefully curates her classes, workshops and lectures to give her students the resources they need to live their best life and her fellow teachers the tools to understand the why and how that make their classes more potent and powerful. Rachel is a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, E-RYT 500, YACEP, and a proud member of the Yoga Medicine teaching team. Deeply grateful t...

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