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Fire Flow Power Yoga

Wednesday, January 19th at 10:30 pm

Take your practice to the next level with this vigorous and challenging class. You will explore advanced poses, unique transitions, and special sequences that will leave you feeling stronger and empowered. Find your rhythm and feel your bliss as you join Georgette Dunn (@readysetflow) for an invigorating power yoga series. Power yoga is a fast-paced, challenging style of yoga that links breath and movement in order to build heat in the body and help you increase strength and flexibility. Each class in this five-part series is designed to challenge you and will leave you feeling energized, uplifted and centered.

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Georgette Dunn

Georgette Dunn is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Dallas, TX. As a wellness specialist she works with children, adolescents and adults in a collaborative effort through fitness, nutrition and yoga to reach their overall health goals. As a speaker and writer; she discusses easy applicable ways people can improve their everyday wellness of mind, body, emotions and spirit. As an international yoga teacher; Georgette leads workshops, immersions and classes that are inclusive and adaptive to the physical, emotional and social needs of a full spectrum of populations.

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Handstand Drills - Live Class Replay with Kino
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