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Journey into Tarot: a Live Reading

Sunday, March 17th at 09:00 pm (in your local timezone)

Embark on a live Tarot reading journey this St. Patrick's Day with Shannon Cummings! Join us for a real-time 1.5-hour session where the Luck of the Irish guides us into unique readings for participants. Shannon will randomly select individuals for personalized card readings, each with its own unique duration. Whether you stay for part or all of the reading, step into spring with a touch of magic and guidance from your higher self. Don't miss this opportunity for a special connection with the Tarot on March 17th! To donate to Shannon for a live reading, venmo Shannon-Cummings-5

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Join Shannon and 54 other yogis
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Shannon Cummings

Shannon Cummings lives in the Redwood Forest of Santa Cruz County and was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is a practicing massage therapist, English teacher, and Ashtangi. Always seeking a connection with Mother Earth, she finds succor in the beauty of the natural world and even deeper joy in celebrating Halloween.  Her love of the occult has been cultivated in her time living in the Bay Area. Her appreciation of the supernatural, psychic world grows each year as she is given evidence of its myriad gifts day and night. As her relationship to the left hand path grows, so does her respect for it. She is perpetually in awe of the streng...

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