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Yin Yoga: The Five Elements

Friday, February 4th at 01:00 am

Water Element: Chill in the waters of your ocean. Swim, float, dive into the depths of your storage, and witness what is there in the darkness of you. You may see your true light. In this five-week series, you’ll learn how the five elements interact with the yin and yang energies in order to gain a harmonious connection to nature, yourself, and others. Explore how specific yin postures activate the qualities of these elements, which exist in everything inside and outside of us, how their balance is said to affect our organs, tissues, emotions, and life cycles, and how the balance within ourselves may bring balance to the world. Props are not required but guidance as to how to use them for a more supported practice will be offered.

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Ona Hawk

Ona Hawk is a certified yoga instructor, vegan live food chef and holistic health educator in Atlanta. She is founder of Firehawk Yoga and specializes in teaching realistic and accessible practices for achieving self-healing. Her distinctive approach to practice and teaching has evolved from her training in Capoeira Angola and various systems of yoga, which together enhanced her ability in applying the breath and methods of movement for sustainable wellness along her own healing journey. She enjoys guiding others to help them find their unique paths, purpose and confidence through integrating breath, meditation and movement for vitality and l...

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