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Strengthening Yoga

Saturday, November 27th at 06:00 pm (in your local timezone)
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Do you want to get stronger and increase your range of motion? Strengthening Yoga focuses on upper body strength and flexibility. Get stronger with Clyde in this fun, energetic class. Blocks and a cushion are recommended for those who have an issue with being on their knees.

Free for everyone!
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Clyde Hampton Jr

I have been into sports and training since I could walk. Raised right here in Orlando Florida I know all about how training in the heat can really help your results happen faster. I mostly played football and basketball in my early years with a little bit of track and field. I have done speed training and strength training and now I am a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher with over 200 hours study of Anatomy and Alignment. I also practice and teach acro yoga. I'm all about meeting people where they are in fitness and helping them reach their goals while finding a way to enjoy the process.

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