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Vinyasa for Balancing Vata

October 25th at 05:00 PM UTC

Embark on a journey to embrace warmth, tranquility, and serenity with our Vata-balancing Vinyasa series. Uncover the secrets of Vata dosha and gracefully navigate through sequences designed to restore equilibrium and calm to your dynamic body and mind.

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Amy Baldacci

Amy Baldacci has been teaching yoga since 2014 and, as a perpetual student, has deepened her knowledge of the practice in hundreds of hours of teacher trainings with Tim Miller, Greg Nardi, and other incredible teachers along the way. Amy’s main focus in any classroom is to hold a space where practitioners can feel free and safe to explore and develop their practice in whatever way is best for them. You can expect to laugh a bit and sweat a lot in her vinyasa classes, find some meditative relaxation time in her yin and restorative classes, and just maybe find a deeper connection with your Self and the world around you in any class you take wi...

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