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Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary

December 7th at 12:00 PM UTC

Guided Half Primary draws upon all you’ve learned in the Intro to Ashtanga classes. Learn how to link postures into a flowing movement sequence and experience new potentials of strength and flexibility. This class will guide you to the halfway point in the Ashtanga Primary Sequence, emphasizing classic flow, technique, and tradition. A medium level of yoga experience is recommended.

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Join Alexandra and 47 other yogis
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Alexandra Santos

Alexandra Santos is an Ashtanga Senior Teacher from Sharath Yoga Center (Mysore, India) with 20 years of yoga practice and 12 years of meditation and pranayama practice. Alexandra has dedicated the last 20 years to teaching ashtanga and has traveled many times to continue studying with her teacher Sharath Jois. ​ A mother of three, she has welcomed yoga as an integral part of her life and is eager to share her experience.

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