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The Spiritual Hustle

A live training in business for wellness professionals.

with Kino MacGregor

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Course Overview

 Join Kino for an insightful 15-hour course on the spiritual hustle, learn basic business theory and benefit from the lessons she learned in her more than 20 years of experience in yoga and wellness.This course will examine the reality of the industry and the foundations of business theory and provide you with a new understanding on how to monetize your ideas and use practical tools to develop your own business plan.It will be divided in 5 online and interactive modules designed to leave you inspired and empowered to take your ideas to the next level.


What can you expect? 

- Have a basic understanding of the wellness industry, its main metrics, and trends.
- Get clear about your brand identity (personal brand vs. business brand) and emotional markers.
- Learn how to effectively price your offering.
- Understand marketing strategy and learn how to plan and implement it.
- Learn how to navigate social media and networking.
- Identify the best platform for your offering (irl, online, hybrid).
- Learn how to draft and execute a successful business plan.


Course Outline

Module 1

Wellness industry, data, trends and financial literacy. 

Module 2

Traditional marketing and a redefined view on the concepts of product, price, and promotion.

 Module 3

Traditional marketing and a continuation on the redefined view of the 7Ps of marketing. 

Module 4

How to create and implement a successful business plan, Part 1

Module 5

How to create and implement a successful business plan, Part 2