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Yoga Level 1

Wednesday, December 1st at 01:00 am (in your local timezone)

Whether you're new(ish) to the mat or looking to focus on the fundamentals of yoga, this Level 1 series is a great place to learn and grow as a student. Expect simple, clear, and compassionate instruction as Miles guides you through accessible yoga practices. In November, we'll build our balance. We will discover that balance is not a place we land, but rather a relationship we cultivate. In December, we'll focus on finding ease within the rigor of the poses and space within the shapes we take.

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Miles Borrero

Miles Borrero is a NYC-based yoga teacher who has led sought-after retreats and trainings around the world since 2007. A tireless explorer, Miles has done a deep dive into many lineages: Bhakti, Forrest, Parayoga, Om Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga. Over the years, these influences have converged to create a unique hybrid style of teaching that is dynamic, creative, and soulful. The athletic physicality that first drew him to the mat has since inspired deeper inquiries in anatomy, as well as cranio-sacral therapy and osteopathy – techniques that delve into the equally magnificent subtle body. As a teacher, Miles is wonderfully skillful and intuitive....

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