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Ashtanga Intersections: Racism as a Spiritual Obstacle

Sunday, January 16th at 03:00 pm

Join Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen & Kino MacGregor along with a panel of experienced teachers for a multifaceted discussion on the intersection between race & spirituality within the context of Ashtanga yoga. This by-donation event will explore how we can begin to show up for the difficult, tender conversations that this tenuous time invites us into. Join us in this in-depth discussion with a team of well-respected thought leaders and teachers.

Panelists include Prachi Patankar, Shanna Small, Kira Williams, and Marcos Silva in conversation facilitated by Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen and Kino MacGregor.

This event is by donation, no minimum donation required. All proceeds will be donated to National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights and Kalief Browder Foundation. These organizations are dedicated, respectively, to putting an end to caste-based discrimination in South Asia and dismantling anti-Blackness through alternatives to incarceration in the USA.

"What if we approached racism as a spiritual obstacle? How might we relate to it differently?"

- Kristen Trudo, The River Daily

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