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Ashtanga Quarter Primary

October 30th at 04:00 PM UTC

Dive into the World of Ashtanga in a thoughtful manner. The class starts with sun salutations and the standing postures, followed by the seated asanas up to Janu Sirsasana. We will learn the count, learn to modify the poses if needed and how to use props in a way that they support our practice. So this class is very beginner friendly but also highly recommended for people who already have an existing ashtanga practice and don’t have much time. The finish sequence at the end of every class will help us to calm our nervous system and relax afterwards.

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Join Anna and 37 other yogis
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Anna Schmidt-Oehm

Anna is a YA E-RYT with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, based in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. She fell in love with yoga over 20 years ago. Anna became a yoga teacher in 2013, and two years later, she opened her very own yoga studio in the heart of Stuttgart. While her main teachings are focused on Ashtanga, she also teaches Vinyasa, Yin, and Therapeutic Yoga. Her heart beats for Ashtanga, and it is her main focus for her practice. That is why she did the API with Miami Life Center and the AT with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann. She is also the headteacher of her own 200- and 300-hour teacher training. Anna's classes are deeply roo...

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