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Community Ritual: Meditation + Reflection

October 8th at 02:00 PM UTC

Meditate, reflect, and connect on a deeper level with the support of your Omstars community. Hosted by a different teacher each week, the Omstars Meditation Collective is an opportunity to learn a variety of different techniques that will help you find inner peace, improve self-awareness, relieve stress, and make meaningful connections. Themes and techniques vary by host and session. Whether it’s meditation, breathwork, journaling, or open discussion, this is a safe space to discuss and reflect on a variety of topics in a supportive and judgement-free space.

Free for everyone!
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Join Vanessa and 45 other yogis
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Vanessa Coomans

Vanessa is a 500h RYT Yoga instructor who has shared her passion for yoga and teaching since 2015. Vanessa is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner who believes in the value of incorporating Yin into her practice. She is also trained in Hot Yoga & Yin Yoga and received both 200hr and 300hr teacher training certifications from Tim Feldmann & Kino MacGregor through Miami Life Center. It truly nourishes her soul to help people reconnect with their true selves and with their bodies. It keeps her humble and grateful. For Vanessa, Yoga is not something that she does, rather it is who she is and how she tries to live her life. She loves to teach begin...

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