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Vinyasa Level 1-2

November 28th at 05:30 PM UTC

This flow-style series is designed to improve endurance and balance for wellness and longevity. Expect dynamic, high-energy sequences that build your strength, increase your flexibility, and stimulate your cardiovascular system. Consider these vinyasa classes moving meditations where you’ll get to explore creative ways to flow through traditional surya namaskars (sun salutations), practice fun and challenging peak poses, and and build your core stability. Most classes will include a short opening meditation and a simple breathing exercise at the end. Come to nourish your mind, invigorate your body, and uplift your spirit in a playful environment.

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Zain Syed

Zain Syed is a California based yoga teacher and a celebrated practitioner in the online yoga community. His videos on Facebook and YouTube have inspired many around the world to explore creative and fun ways into the practice of asanas. With many years of training from senior Iyengar Yoga teachers, as well as studying and learning from his mentor and friend, Carrie Owerko, he brings a dynamic blend of power, precision and play into his practice and teaching. Before the pandemic Zain was a traveling yogi and visited over 20+ countries to share practice with diverse communities overseas. He is looking forward to connecting with the virtual com...

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