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Community Ritual: Meditation + Reflection

Sunday, April 23rd at 02:00 pm (in your local timezone)

Meditate, reflect, and connect on a deeper level with the support of your Omstars community. Hosted by a different teacher each week, the Omstars Meditation Collective is an opportunity to learn a variety of different techniques that will help you find inner peace, improve self-awareness, relieve stress, and make meaningful connections. Themes and techniques vary by host and session. Whether it’s meditation, breathwork, journaling, or open discussion, this is a safe space to discuss and reflect on a variety of topics in a supportive and judgement-free space.

Free for everyone!
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Join Remika and 28 other yogis
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Remi is originally from Bangkok and grew up with Vedic & Buddist influence. She became a meditation & breathwork teacher after seeing first hand how it helped her. Remi is especially passionate about breath-based meditation practices and uses breathwork as a therapeutic tool. Her teaching style draws from Neuroscience and research while maintaining a strong root in traditional teachings. In her free time, Remi loves being out in nature, spending time with family, listening to podcasts and watching Netflix specials.

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