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Live Replay: Meditation for Everyone ...


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 52 seconds


    Meditation for Everyone is a weekly class featured LIVE every weerk on Omstars. This series is designed to demystify ... More

  • thumbnail image for Basic Mindfulness

    Duration: 41 minutes, 15 seconds

    Basic Mindfulness

    Join Dennis Hunter for this 40-minute, two part meditation practice that includes calming breath work (ratio breathin... More

  • thumbnail image for Square Breathing

    Duration: 40 minutes, 55 seconds

    Square Breathing

    Sit down for your weekly meditation with Dennis Hunter. The meditation practices in this series are designed to demys... More

  • thumbnail image for Ratio Breathing

    Duration: 36 minutes, 21 seconds

    Ratio Breathing

    Join Denis for another two-part meditation that includes some breath work (ratio breathing) and mindfulness practice.... More

  • thumbnail image for Loving Kindness

    Duration: 39 minutes, 38 seconds

    Loving Kindness

    Join Dennis Hunter for an accessible meditation practice that's designed to break down the barriers we build around o... More

  • thumbnail image for A Subtle Twist of Mind

    Duration: 38 minutes, 7 seconds

    A Subtle Twist of Mind

    Come back to the basic practice of mindfulness with Dennis Hunter. Today's class will center around a theme that Denn... More

  • thumbnail image for Space in the Present Moment

    Duration: 35 minutes, 43 seconds

    Space in the Present Moment

    Join Dennis for another, basic mindfulness meditation practice. Today's practice offers room for contemplation on a p... More

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