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Practice of Peace Challenge

Guided Meditation - 39 Lessons

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Practice of Peace Challenge Trai...

1 minute,

Day 1 Meditation: Mindfulness

5 minutes, 33 seconds

Day 1 Practice: Peaceful Life

24 minutes, 10 seconds

Day 2 Meditation: The Breath

5 minutes, 55 seconds

Day 2 Practice: Awaken Your Inne...

52 minutes, 6 seconds

Day 3 Meditation: The Body

5 minutes, 51 seconds

Day 4 Meditation: Heart Center

6 minutes, 38 seconds

Day 4 Practice: Open Your Heart

14 minutes, 8 seconds

Day 5 Meditation: Healing Wounds

6 minutes, 8 seconds

Day 5 Practice: Detox Flow

26 minutes, 48 seconds

Day 6 Meditation: Forgiveness

6 minutes, 59 seconds

Day 6 Practice: Forgiveness and ...

30 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 7 Meditation: Gratitude

5 minutes, 38 seconds

Day 7 Practice: Easy Sunset Flow

41 minutes,

Day 8 Meditation: The Self

6 minutes, 15 seconds

Day 8 Practice: Easy Beach Yoga

17 minutes, 45 seconds

Day 9 Meditation: Self Worth

6 minutes, 21 seconds

Day 9 Practice: Love Your Body

17 minutes, 55 seconds

Day 10 Meditation: Inner Sanctua...

6 minutes, 19 seconds

Day 10 Practice: Relax the Back

12 minutes, 50 seconds

Day 11 Meditation: The Subtle Br...

5 minutes, 56 seconds

Day 11 Practice: Core Strength

31 minutes, 11 seconds

Day 12 Meditation: Acceptance

5 minutes, 57 seconds

Day 12 Practice: Beginner Splits

59 minutes, 8 seconds

Day 13 Meditation: Inner Listeni...

5 minutes, 36 seconds

Day 13 Practice: Moving Towards ...

22 minutes, 28 seconds

Day 14 Meditation: Awareness

6 minutes, 50 seconds

Day 14 Practice: Backbending Bas...

42 minutes, 7 seconds

Day 15 Meditation: Spaciousness

6 minutes, 14 seconds

Day 15 Practice: Twist it Out

16 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 16 Meditation: Remember the ...

5 minutes, 56 seconds

Day 16 Practice: Cultivate Joy

20 minutes, 43 seconds

Day 17 Meditation: Emotional Sto...

6 minutes, 51 seconds

Day 17 Practice: Stress Relief

22 minutes, 5 seconds

Day 18 Meditation: Love Explosion

6 minutes, 43 seconds

Day 18 Practice: Find Love in Y...

33 minutes, 7 seconds

Day 19 Practice: Gentleness

1 hour, 21 minutes, 42 seconds

Day 20 Practice: Foundations

59 minutes, 50 seconds

Day 3 Practice: You and the Mat

15 minutes, 50 seconds

Course InfoComments

Practice of Peace Challenge

With as little as five minutes a day you can make a qualitative impact of the state of your mind, bringing more peace, love and joy into every moment of your life. If you think you don’t have time to meditate or you’re overwhelmed by long silent sitting, this course is perfect for you. With a series of short meditations of around five minutes each, and a complimentary yoga classes to go with them, Kino guides you through contemplative practices to calm the mind, open the heart and begin your journey into the inner world.

Kino MacGregor

Guided Meditation


Lesson Count:
39 lessons

Total Duration:
12 hours, 33 minutes, 56 seconds


Course Created On:
June 10th, 2019

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