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Practicing Postures as Prayer:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 55 seconds


    Michelle Thielen has great faith in the power of yoga postures as prayer, connection to self and to Christ. The bedr... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Michelle

    Duration: 2 minutes, 20 seconds

    Meet Michelle

    Get to know Michelle, in her own words, as she describes her journey into yoga and and how it relates to and strengt... More

  • thumbnail image for Intro: YogaFaith Practicing Postures as Prayer

    Duration: 18 minutes, 22 seconds

    Intro: YogaFaith Practicing Postures ...

    Root down and ground into Christ as you journey through a sequence that organizes yogic breath and movement around bi... More

  • thumbnail image for Simple Flow

    Duration: 19 minutes, 32 seconds

    Simple Flow

    Warm up thoroughly with this gentle, soul soothing flow. Body, heart and mind will all be properly prepared for the w... More

  • thumbnail image for Surrender

    Duration: 44 minutes, 52 seconds


    This 45 minute class will focus on the felt sense of surrender as embodied in a gentle flow and restorative postures.... More

  • thumbnail image for Humility

    Duration: 49 minutes, 52 seconds


    Move into today's practice with a series of yin poses as you exhale edging God out and inhale exalting him. After con... More

  • thumbnail image for Trauma Sensitive

    Duration: 45 minutes, 27 seconds

    Trauma Sensitive

    Explore a handful of postures that really get into the core of our being. Some of these might be intense, and that's ... More

  • thumbnail image for 12 Step Recovery Flow

    Duration: 20 minutes, 58 seconds

    12 Step Recovery Flow

    Making amends is part of the foundations of 12 step recovery work. In this flow we will seek humility so that we can ... More

  • thumbnail image for Strength Flow Sequences

    Duration: 15 minutes, 7 seconds

    Strength Flow Sequences

    Get your body moving in this short class of strengthening sequences. Start with a flow from lunge to warrior three to... More

  • thumbnail image for Bringing Things Together

    Duration: 24 minutes, 32 seconds

    Bringing Things Together

    Class from 30 Day Yoga Journey Challenge: Explore postures of humility, surrender and strength as we flow through Mic... More

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