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Complete Yoga Alliance [non-contact] continuing education hours by learning to sequence yoga classes based on the Spiritually Fly method of teaching. Join Faith Hunter for a course that will teach you how to plan and sequence your classes based on the energetic effects of the yoga practice.

5 Modules

Faith has designed this course for yoga teachers who are interested in offering instruction that is both more intentional and creative.

100% Exclusive

This unique Teacher Development course was thoughtfully curated and developed by Faith Hunter, exclusively for Omstars.com.

Earn CEU Credits

Earn non-contact hours that contribute to your CEU credits with Yoga Alliance. By completing this course you could earn 2 hours.

Learn Knowledge for Yourself and Your Students

As a teacher, you will learn the basic format of a yoga class, including the 7 core principles involved in teaching a Spiritually Fly class. As a practitioner, you will be encouraged to explore the energetic benefits of your own practice so you can find ways to incorporate these elements into your teaching.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is an International yoga and meditation instructor, wellness philanthropist, movement motivator, healing guide, music head, and Spiritually Fly theorist. She began her practice of yoga and meditation in the early 90s as a way to cope while her beloved brother Michael was dying from complications related to AIDS. Through mindfulness and personal reflection, Faith was able to release her fears and experience an awakening from within. From that day forward, she committed herself to sharing these practices with the world. Learning with Faith, you will be inspired by her focused approach to weaving together cohesive yoga classes that leave a lasting impression on her students. By the end of this incredible new course, you will have learned a specific formula that will help you design your own meaningful classes so that you too can guide your students through more creative, intentional and impactful sequencing. Head on over to Omstars.com to learn more about this Omstars-Exclusive program today.

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Discover the Fun Side of Yoga

Through this course, you will learn how to tie each of the elements of a standard yoga class back to your specific dharma talk, or lesson for each of the classes you create. Faith will also talk about the significance of having a Dharma talk when it comes to teaching and how it can tie into the experience you hope to create for your students.

Your Lesson Plan

  • thumbnail image for Spiritually Fly Yoga Teaching Philosophy

    Duration: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

    Spiritually Fly Yoga Teaching Philosophy

    In this lesson, Faith talks about her own personal teaching style and lifestyle. The Spiritually Fly way of teaching ... More

  • thumbnail image for Basic Class Design and Format

    Duration: 36 minutes, 30 seconds

    Basic Class Design and Format

    Designing and teaching yoga is all about sharing what you love with technical and instructional guidance to help your ... More

  • thumbnail image for General Sequencing Tips

    Duration: 53 minutes, 8 seconds

    General Sequencing Tips

    Use this lesson to gain a little knowledge or refresh your memory related to sequencing. These simple and basic tips ... More

  • thumbnail image for Creative Sequencing and Energy with Pranayama and Mudras

    Duration: 10 minutes, 58 seconds

    Creative Sequencing and Energy with P ...

    Join Faith for a brief lesson that discusses sequencing beyond the yoga postures and what it means to be creative as ... More

  • Show All 5 Lessons
  • thumbnail image for Holding Space and Hands-on Assisting

    Duration: 33 minutes, 6 seconds

    Holding Space and Hands-on Assisting

    In this lesson, you will learn about holding space and using hands-on assists to provide a better experience for your ... More