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Strengthening Yoga

Power Yoga - 35 Lessons

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Class 1

59 minutes, 3 seconds

Core and Shoulder Strengthening

59 minutes, 28 seconds

Wide Leg Strengthening

55 minutes, 40 seconds

Lunge and Backbend Series

58 minutes, 59 seconds

Strengthening Yoga - Eagle Pose

58 minutes, 42 seconds

Strengthening Backbends

1 hour, 9 seconds

Strengthening Shoulders and Hips

59 minutes, 42 seconds

Strengthening Hamstrings

59 minutes, 20 seconds

Wide Leg Strengthening

58 minutes, 3 seconds

Core Strengthening

59 minutes, 4 seconds

Boat Pose Strengthening

58 minutes, 12 seconds

Full Body Strengthening

58 minutes, 19 seconds

Ocean Wave Strengthening

57 minutes, 10 seconds

Strengthening for EPK

59 minutes, 19 seconds

Shoulder Strengthening

58 minutes, 13 seconds

Strengthening Spinal Twist

59 minutes, 17 seconds

Ocean Wave Backbend

59 minutes, 3 seconds

Shoulder Strengthening 2

57 minutes, 8 seconds

Strengthening Hip Openers

1 hour, 12 seconds

Strengthening Peacock

1 hour, 4 seconds

Strengthening Binds

58 minutes, 41 seconds

Strengthening Neck for Shoulder ...

54 minutes, 4 seconds

Mermaid Pose Prep

59 minutes, 33 seconds

From Plank to Wild Thing

59 minutes, 16 seconds

Warrior Pose

1 hour, 38 seconds

Wide Leg Stand

59 minutes, 58 seconds

Balanced Eagle

58 minutes, 41 seconds

Dancer Pose

59 minutes, 18 seconds

Strengthening Leg Flow

59 minutes, 17 seconds

Strong Spinal Flow

1 hour, 1 minute, 1 second

Great Core Strengthening and Bal...

59 minutes, 31 seconds

Shoulder Strengthening

59 minutes, 57 seconds

Strong Wide Leg

59 minutes, 27 seconds

Strengthening Cheetah

59 minutes, 7 seconds

Strengthening Planks

58 minutes, 27 seconds

Course InfoComments

Strengthening Yoga

Watch Clyde's live classes again and again right here! This class will focus on the upper body by building strength and increasing range of motion. Blocks and a cushion are recommended for those who have an issue with being on their knees.

Clyde Hampton Jr

Power Yoga

All Levels

Lesson Count:
35 lessons

Total Duration:
34 hours, 22 minutes, 19 seconds


Course Created On:
September 29th, 2020

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