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Tips For Home Practice:


  • thumbnail image for Sri Dharma Mittra

    Duration: 2 minutes, 14 seconds

    Sri Dharma Mittra

    Sri Dharma Mittra, the "teacher's teacher" shares his tips to build a home yoga practice. We love the "good vibration... More

  • thumbnail image for Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

    Duration: 51 seconds

    Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

    Insiya Rasiwala-Finn offers a few of her best, quick tips for getting into the routine of a home practice. More

  • thumbnail image for Yogi Varuna

    Duration: 1 minute, 6 seconds

    Yogi Varuna

    Yogi Varuna (Dov Vargas) shares his view on how to get self discipline in order to develop a home yoga practice. More

  • thumbnail image for Kino MacGregor

    Duration: 1 minute, 36 seconds

    Kino MacGregor

    Kino MacGregor shares her top tips to practice yoga from home. Don't miss the analogy with "brushing your teeth"! More

  • thumbnail image for Amanda Dawn Blackley

    Duration: 53 seconds

    Amanda Dawn Blackley

    Amanda Dawn Blackley shares her tips for practicing yoga at home, including the importance of listening to your body ... More

  • thumbnail image for Dana Flynn

    Duration: 4 minutes, 11 seconds

    Dana Flynn

    Dana Flynn is the founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga in NYC and San Francisco. She's authentic, bold, deep and fun. Don't... More

  • thumbnail image for Twee Merrigan

    Duration: 2 minutes, 17 seconds

    Twee Merrigan

    Twee Merrigan shares her tips about how to incorporate yoga into your daily life. "Yoga is always there, it's just YO... More

  • thumbnail image for Lauren Hanna

    Duration: 1 minute, 41 seconds

    Lauren Hanna

    Lauren Hanna, cofounder of Sonic Yoga in NYC, shares her tips for practicing yoga at home. We love the idea of creati... More

  • thumbnail image for Kim Jeblick

    Duration: 1 minute, 47 seconds

    Kim Jeblick

    Kim Jeblick shares her tips for establishing your home practice as a habit that you'll want to come back to every day... More

  • thumbnail image for Linda Munro

    Duration: 51 seconds

    Linda Munro

    Linda Munro, founder of Ashtanga Yoga Paris, shares her tips for building a home yoga practice. We love her creation ... More

  • thumbnail image for Sarah Finger

    Duration: 1 minute, 17 seconds

    Sarah Finger

    Sarah Platt-Finger, co-founder of ISHTA yoga, shares her tips to practice yoga at home so you can enjoy the empowerin... More

  • thumbnail image for Durga Devi

    Duration: 47 seconds

    Durga Devi

    Durga Devi offers a few tips that she feels are helpful for starting a home practice. Don't miss the important remind... More

  • thumbnail image for Desireee Rumbaugh

    Duration: 1 minute, 42 seconds

    Desireee Rumbaugh

    Desiree Rumbaugh shares her tips to develop a home yoga practice. Our favourite: "yoga should be something that you w... More

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