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Total Body Flexibility Challenge – 14 Days for a M...

Vinyasa - 15 Lessons

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1 minute, 6 seconds

Day 1 - Puppy Pose with Irene

19 minutes, 16 seconds

Day 2 - Paschimattanasana with K...

24 minutes, 25 seconds

Day 3 - Anjayenasana with Irene

28 minutes, 43 seconds

Day 4 - Utthita Hasta Padangusth...

25 minutes,

Day 5 - Hanumanasana with Irene

24 minutes, 36 seconds

Day 6 - Bharadvajasana with Kino

26 minutes, 28 seconds

Day 7 - Raja Bhujangasana with I...

24 minutes, 47 seconds

Day 8 - Gomukhasana with Kino

27 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 9 - Ustrasana with Irene

20 minutes, 33 seconds

Day 10 - Eka Pada Sirsasana with...

26 minutes, 59 seconds

Day 11 - Natarajasana with Irene

27 minutes, 42 seconds

Day 12 - Yoganidrasana with Kino

24 minutes, 46 seconds

Day 13 - Urdhva Dhanurasana with...

29 minutes, 2 seconds

Day 14 - Straddle with Kino

29 minutes, 29 seconds

Course InfoComments

Total Body Flexibility Challenge – 14 Days for a More Flexible You

We’ve all had the experience of looking at a yoga pose and thinking there’s no way my body could ever twist into that position. Flexibility is the key to all those bendy poses. In this challenge, Kino MacGregor and Irene Pappas will share their favorite poses and drills to help you get into those seemingly impossible poses. You’ll open and stretch your muscles to increase flexibility in your hips and learn how to get into those challenging backbends. Total Body Flexibility is a 14-day challenge. There will be modifications and variations for all of the poses along the way to make the challenge accessible to everyone. Get ready to step onto your mat with Kino and Irene to stretch, sweat, laugh, and have fun.

Kino MacGregorIrene Pappas


All Levels

Lesson Count:
15 lessons

Total Duration:
6 hours, 2 seconds


Course Created On:
September 1st, 2021

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