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Trauma, Gunas and the Autonomic Nervous System

Specialty Yoga Programs - 11 Lessons

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2 minutes, 8 seconds

What is Trauma? New definitions ...

15 minutes, 42 seconds

Samkhya Philosophy: Introduction...

11 minutes, 26 seconds

The Polyvagal System of the Auto...

14 minutes, 18 seconds

Neurophysiological presentation ...

19 minutes, 28 seconds

Recognizing Dorsal Vagal – Tamas...

12 minutes, 52 seconds

Recognizing Sympathetic – Rajas ...

6 minutes, 38 seconds

Recognizing Ventral Vagal – Satt...

6 minutes, 41 seconds

Yoga Practices to Reduce Tamas –...

11 minutes, 59 seconds

Yoga Practices to Reduce Rajas –...

11 minutes, 34 seconds

Yoga Practices to Increase Sattv...

12 minutes, 30 seconds

Course Materials:

Trauma, Gunas and the Autonomic Nervous System

Achieve Yoga Alliance [non-contact] continuing education hours with Parayoga teacher, Inge Sengelman, for a masterclass series, with close to two hours of content. This course is designed to give yoga teachers a better understanding of how ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience come together to inform our teaching. Through the 10 lessons in this series you will learn to understand the “polyvagal” theory of the autonomic nervous system from the point of view of the Gunas, the three forces that underlie all of creation. This course moves beyond the current guidelines of trauma-informed yoga and will teach you how to help students move out of stuck, trauma-based patterns and into optimal functioning by offering classes that are designed to meet their unique needs.

Inge Sengelmann

Specialty Yoga Programs

All Levels

Lesson Count:
11 lessons

Total Duration:
2 hours, 5 minutes, 22 seconds


Course Created On:
August 13th, 2018

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