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Yin Yoga: An Invitation to Open & Exp...


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 53 seconds


    Join Anamargret Sanchez for a Yin Yoga course that offers you the opportunity to be where you are. The longer holds t... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Anamargret

    Duration: 5 minutes, 18 seconds

    Meet Anamargret

    Learn more about Anamargret and how she came to yoga. More

  • thumbnail image for Spread Your Wings: Shoulder Openers

    Duration: 21 minutes, 12 seconds

    Spread Your Wings: Shoulder Openers

    Join Anamargret for a yin yoga class that will help you open and relax your shoulders. This is a slow-paced practice ... More

  • thumbnail image for Love Your Hips

    Duration: 20 minutes, 21 seconds

    Love Your Hips

    Today’s yin yoga class with Anamargret is all about the hips. Whether you have tight or flexible hips, this sequence ... More

  • thumbnail image for Chest Opener: Energetic Reboot

    Duration: 26 minutes, 21 seconds

    Chest Opener: Energetic Reboot

    Work on opening your chest with slow movement and long holds in this Yin yoga class with Anamargret. Bring more vital... More

  • thumbnail image for Twist & Sigh

    Duration: 28 minutes, 55 seconds

    Twist & Sigh

    Today’s Yin yoga class that’s all about twists and the balancing energy that they can help us create. Follow along as... More

  • thumbnail image for Forward Bends: Surrender to the Now

    Duration: 24 minutes, 54 seconds

    Forward Bends: Surrender to the Now

    Join Anamargret for a forward bending class that invites you to explore the muscles in your back and your hips as wel... More

  • thumbnail image for Happy Hips

    Duration: 25 minutes, 46 seconds

    Happy Hips

    This Happy Hip class will give you the opportunity to explore the limitations of your body, move past your perceived ... More

  • thumbnail image for Liver Cleanse

    Duration: 40 minutes, 5 seconds

    Liver Cleanse

    In today’s practice, Anamargret will have you working with the liver meridian and the breath. Working with this merid... More

  • thumbnail image for Hello Kidneys

    Duration: 46 minutes, 15 seconds

    Hello Kidneys

    The Kidneys are an area in the body where we tend to hold a lot of fear. For today’s Yin practice, Anamargret invites... More

  • thumbnail image for Open Sesame

    Duration: 1 hour, 30 seconds

    Open Sesame

    Join Anamargret for a 1-hour Yin yoga class focuses on opening the entire body. Use this class to work on moving more... More

  • thumbnail image for Inner Stillness

    Duration: 53 minutes, 51 seconds

    Inner Stillness

    Today’s Yin yoga class is about tapping into a sense of inner stillness. Use this class to find a place within, where... More

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