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Yin Yoga for Deep Rest & Healing

Yin - 25 Lessons

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Center & Ground

54 minutes, 3 seconds

Filling Your Reserve Tank

54 minutes, 45 seconds

Replenish & Heal

56 minutes, 28 seconds

Aligning Our Energy

56 minutes, 6 seconds

Breathe & Surrender

56 minutes, 1 second

Each Breath is a Step

55 minutes, 15 seconds

The paradox between a still mind...

52 minutes, 9 seconds

Hip Flow

56 minutes, 8 seconds

Balanced Energy

55 minutes, 11 seconds

Staying Inside

58 minutes, 23 seconds

Starry Night

57 minutes, 6 seconds

Let Go & Drop In

54 minutes, 19 seconds

Breath As Anchor

59 minutes, 6 seconds

Sunday Chill

57 minutes, 34 seconds

Active Listening

57 minutes, 26 seconds

Finding Balance

56 minutes, 37 seconds

Quiet Observation

56 minutes, 12 seconds

Inviting Vibration

56 minutes, 4 seconds

Settling In

1 hour, 35 seconds

Being There

55 minutes, 20 seconds

The Gift of Receiving

1 hour, 9 seconds

Complete in the Now

58 minutes, 42 seconds

International Day of Yoga 2021

54 minutes, 33 seconds

Joy of Being

58 minutes, 19 seconds

Finding Your Center

56 minutes, 30 seconds

Yin Yoga for Deep Rest & Healing

Watch the replay of AnaMargret's live classes offered right here on Omstars. Yin Yoga provides the space for the physical, energetic and emotional/mental body to reset. The slow-paced style of Yin Yoga offers you the time to stretch, open and deeply relax your nervous system. This approach to yoga is the perfect balance to more intense practices as it provides the perfect meditative balance to our lives and is accessible to all practitioners.

Anamargret Sanchez


All Levels

Lesson Count:
25 lessons

Total Duration:
23 hours, 33 minutes, 11 seconds


Course Created On:
December 8th, 2020

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