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Yin Yoga for Deep Rest & Healing

  • thumbnail image for Center & Ground

    Duration: 54 minutes, 4 seconds

    Center & Ground

    A soothing class to bring you back into balance. Grounding poses with longer holds and an emphasis on exhales to cal... More

  • thumbnail image for Filling Your Reserve Tank

    Duration: 54 minutes, 45 seconds

    Filling Your Reserve Tank

    This practice is dedicated to helping you release stagnant energy. With the help of Yin poses you will reignite your... More

  • thumbnail image for Replenish & Heal

    Duration: 56 minutes, 28 seconds

    Replenish & Heal

    This practice will balance and support your energy. Using slow and mindful movements you will feel nourished and ... More

  • thumbnail image for Aligning Our Energy

    Duration: 56 minutes, 6 seconds

    Aligning Our Energy

    With mindfulness and curiosity we explore our different centers in gently held Yin poses. This practice invites us ... More

  • thumbnail image for Breathe & Surrender

    Duration: 56 minutes, 1 second

    Breathe & Surrender

    This is a more breath oriented practice. While holding the Yin postures you use the breath as a resting place for the... More

  • thumbnail image for Each Breath is a Step

    Duration: 55 minutes, 16 seconds

    Each Breath is a Step

    This practice will ask you to mindfully challenge any physical blocks you might encounter in the practice. Using the... More

  • thumbnail image for The paradox between a still mind & the flow of prana

    Duration: 52 minutes, 9 seconds

    The paradox between a still mind & th...

    By making the mind one-pointed, we can slow it down enough to watch the flow of Prana (energy). In this mindful prac... More

  • thumbnail image for Hip Flow

    Duration: 56 minutes, 8 seconds

    Hip Flow

    A hip opening practice to bring relief from long hours at the desk or even high intensity exercises. Here you get to... More

  • thumbnail image for Balanced Energy

    Duration: 55 minutes, 11 seconds

    Balanced Energy

    Strong emphasis on bringing awareness into the upper body. This practice brings fresh energy to the heart and lungs.... More

  • thumbnail image for Staying Inside

    Duration: 58 minutes, 24 seconds

    Staying Inside

    This practice is a gentle introduction to Pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses. You will be encouraged to direct your... More

  • thumbnail image for Starry Night

    Duration: 57 minutes, 7 seconds

    Starry Night

    Gently held poses to move the chi in the liver and gallbladder. Enjoy the invitation to truly rest and heal here. We ... More

  • thumbnail image for Let Go & Drop In

    Duration: 54 minutes, 19 seconds

    Let Go & Drop In

    This restorative yoga practice gives you permission to deeply relax. You will be left feeling rejuvenated and peacef... More

  • thumbnail image for Breath As Anchor

    Duration: 59 minutes, 7 seconds

    Breath As Anchor

    This is a breath centered practice. Bringing awareness back again and again to the power and location of the breath. ... More

  • thumbnail image for Sunday Chill

    Duration: 57 minutes, 34 seconds

    Sunday Chill

    If you need permission to just relax this is the class for you. This rejuvenating practice is effortless. Just set ... More

  • thumbnail image for Active Listening

    Duration: 57 minutes, 26 seconds

    Active Listening

    This practice will give you the opportunity to connect body & mind. As you settle into the postures you can begin to... More

  • thumbnail image for Finding Balance

    Duration: 56 minutes, 37 seconds

    Finding Balance

    We will be exploring twists here. Physically, twists stimulate and tone our organs. They also assist us in digesting ... More

  • thumbnail image for Quiet Observation

    Duration: 56 minutes, 12 seconds

    Quiet Observation

    This practice gives you time to rest in the quietude of the breath. Let the mind ride the wave of energy as it comes... More

  • thumbnail image for Inviting Vibration

    Duration: 56 minutes, 5 seconds

    Inviting Vibration

    This is a vibratory practice that includes chanting. Get ready to move with the sacred sound of OM. Original live cl... More

  • thumbnail image for Settling In

    Duration: 1 hour, 36 seconds

    Settling In

    Yin Yoga invites us to move inward and settle into what is without judgement. Use this practice to find the now of e... More

  • thumbnail image for Being There

    Duration: 55 minutes, 21 seconds

    Being There

    This is an opportunity to let go of the tension of what should be. Instead, relax into what is. Original live class ... More

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