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Yoga Acrobatics:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 1 minute


    This course takes yoga to an all new level! Explore a more acrobatic approach to certain poses and movements that are... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Leslie

    Duration: 2 minutes, 12 seconds

    Meet Leslie

    Get to know Leslie Muños, acrobatic gymnast and contortionist. More

  • thumbnail image for Warm Up

    Duration: 30 minutes, 30 seconds

    Warm Up

    Leslie considers this her “official unofficial warm up.” Use this practice to warm up before you try any of the other... More

  • thumbnail image for Press Handstand Tutorial

    Duration: 20 minutes, 5 seconds

    Press Handstand Tutorial

    In this video, Leslie will show you how to prepare for, practice and execute an acrobatic press handstand with proper... More

  • thumbnail image for Plange Tutorial

    Duration: 13 minutes, 26 seconds

    Plange Tutorial

    Join Leslie for a lesson on how to prepare for, practice and perform and acrobatic plange. Less than 15 Minutes. More

  • thumbnail image for Handstand Arch Tutorial

    Duration: 15 minutes, 27 seconds

    Handstand Arch Tutorial

    In this class, Leslie will show you how to do a handstand arch in its various forms and how to deepen your arch using... More

  • thumbnail image for Contortion

    Duration: 16 minutes, 38 seconds


    If you’re ready for more of a challenge with your flexibility, this is where you’ll find it. Join Leslie for a 15-mmi... More

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