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Yoga Drills:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 30 seconds


    The yoga drills series is designed by Kino MacGregor to give you a toolbox to build strength and flexibility while fo... More

  • thumbnail image for Plank

    Duration: 23 minutes, 8 seconds


    Join Kino for one of her favorite daily yoga drills, plank! Kino takes you through a quick warm up before diving into... More

  • thumbnail image for Shoulders

    Duration: 21 minutes, 57 seconds


    Build power and foundation with Kino as you join her for more Yoga Drills. This is perfect for those who are looking ... More

  • thumbnail image for Hamstring Flexibility

    Duration: 37 minutes, 10 seconds

    Hamstring Flexibility

    This episode of Yoga Drills focuses on flexibility. Follow along with Kino as she leads you through some drills that ... More

  • thumbnail image for Splits

    Duration: 26 minutes, 18 seconds


    Ready to work on your splits? Then this episode of Yoga Drills is for you! It's important to practice these drills wi... More

  • thumbnail image for Forearm Balance

    Duration: 31 minutes, 16 seconds

    Forearm Balance

    Join Kino for some yoga drills that will help you work toward challenging forearm balance postures like the peacock p... More

  • thumbnail image for Opening the Hips

    Duration: 39 minutes, 41 seconds

    Opening the Hips

    Join Kino for some yoga drills that will help you work on opening the hips with some external hip rotation. With this... More

  • thumbnail image for Handstands

    Duration: 21 minutes, 17 seconds


    Join Kino for 20 minutes of Handstand drills! Not recommended for beginners, this class does require a certain level ... More

  • thumbnail image for Core

    Duration: 19 minutes, 48 seconds


    Fire up your core with Kino’s core-focused yoga drills! These drills are designed to get your core working so you can... More

  • thumbnail image for Straddle Press

    Duration: 19 minutes, 36 seconds

    Straddle Press

    This yoga drills session is all about how to straddle press, which involves 2 advanced yoga skills – straddles and ha... More

  • thumbnail image for More Plank

    Duration: 19 minutes, 12 seconds

    More Plank

    Join Kino for her 2nd Plank Drills class in this series! This episode offers new drills that will have you activating... More

  • thumbnail image for Everyday Drill

    Duration: 22 minutes, 43 seconds

    Everyday Drill

    When it comes to building strength and flexibility for a more well-rounded yoga practice, yoga drills can help you ex... More

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