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Yoga For Every Body Basics:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 54 seconds


    Join Jessica for a course that's designed to meet the needs of EVERY BODY. This course offers several classes that wi... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Jessica

    Duration: 4 minutes, 45 seconds

    Meet Jessica

    Get to know a little bit more about Jessica and the classes she offers through her new course, Yoga For Every Body Ba... More

  • thumbnail image for Intro - How To

    Duration: 1 minute, 44 seconds

    Intro - How To

    Tune into this brief video for a brief description of Jessica's new course and how to uses the practices it has to of... More

  • thumbnail image for Sun Salutations

    Duration: 19 minutes, 17 seconds

    Sun Salutations

    Build a solid foundation for your practice, by exploring the sun salutations A and B with their varied modifications ... More

  • thumbnail image for Strength and Core

    Duration: 20 minutes, 14 seconds

    Strength and Core

    Strength and core work are essential to a safe and fun Vinyasa Yoga practice. In this class Jessica leads you through... More

  • thumbnail image for Balance and Breath

    Duration: 15 minutes, 39 seconds

    Balance and Breath

    In this class balance and breath will be your main focus. Explore the basic balance poses with Jessica, and find ways... More

  • thumbnail image for Standing in your Light

    Duration: 16 minutes, 33 seconds

    Standing in your Light

    Stand up and explore the poses that root and ground you to the mat. These standing poses teach you how to stay groun... More

  • thumbnail image for Open your Heart

    Duration: 16 minutes, 28 seconds

    Open your Heart

    Heart opening poses allow us to find self-acceptance and love through the expansion in the pose. In this class, you w... More

  • thumbnail image for Step Into Your Power

    Duration: 39 minutes, 39 seconds

    Step Into Your Power

    Are you ready to step into your power? This Vinyasa flow is designed to take you outside of the box, to strengthen yo... More

  • thumbnail image for Deep Stretch

    Duration: 28 minutes, 39 seconds

    Deep Stretch

    In this Deep Stretch Yoga Class, Jessica brings you down to the ground to stretch and target the connective tissues, ... More

  • thumbnail image for Hip Openers

    Duration: 20 minutes, 43 seconds

    Hip Openers

    This class explores hip opening postures that will help loosen tight hips, improve range of motion and circulation, p... More

  • thumbnail image for Twist To A Different View

    Duration: 16 minutes, 14 seconds

    Twist To A Different View

    Twisting asanas teach us deep focus and patience as they work into the deepest and strongest muscles of the body. How... More

  • thumbnail image for Be Still

    Duration: 14 minutes, 27 seconds

    Be Still

    In this class, you will learn meditation techniques to calm mind body and spirit. Learn about the different energy ce... More

  • thumbnail image for Backbends for Every Body

    Duration: 20 minutes, 19 seconds

    Backbends for Every Body

    Back-bending is an essential part of the practice. This class will focus on how to build into a strong back bending p... More

  • thumbnail image for Soul Flow - Vinyasa

    Duration: 47 minutes, 49 seconds

    Soul Flow - Vinyasa

    Let go and flow with Jessica in a practice that’s designed to enrich your soul. This class works with taking a basic ... More

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