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Yoga for Everybody: Beyond the Basics

  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 1 minute, 2 seconds


    This course is a spin-off of Jessica Sayre’s first Omstars course, Yoga for Everybody: Basics. This new rendition of ... More

  • thumbnail image for Inner Fire of Motivation

    Duration: 29 minutes, 54 seconds

    Inner Fire of Motivation

    This 30-minute practice begins with sun salutations to help you get warmed up before diving into the focus of this cl... More

  • thumbnail image for Power Core

    Duration: 27 minutes, 12 seconds

    Power Core

    Join Jessica down on the mat for a core strengthening practice that will give you the opportunity to feel and explore... More

  • thumbnail image for Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Duration: 51 minutes, 26 seconds

    Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Get ready for a 45-minute vinyasa style power class. With this class you’ll quickly build heat, build power and build... More

  • thumbnail image for All Levels Vinyasa Flow

    Duration: 59 minutes, 45 seconds

    All Levels Vinyasa Flow

    This is an intermediate practice that explores the basic yoga poses you’ll find in a typical vinyasa practice, but wi... More

  • thumbnail image for Come Fly with Me

    Duration: 34 minutes, 8 seconds

    Come Fly with Me

    Get ready for a 30-minute practice that’s all about arm balances. In this class, Jessica will walk you through a few ... More

  • thumbnail image for Upside Down Yogi

    Duration: 30 minutes, 54 seconds

    Upside Down Yogi

    This is a 30-minute inversions intensive practice. Tap into your inner courage and practice coming in and out of vari... More

  • thumbnail image for Hip Hip Hooray

    Duration: 37 minutes, 7 seconds

    Hip Hip Hooray

    After this class your hips will be shouting Hip, Hip, Hooray! Join Jessica for a 40-minute hip focused class that wil... More

  • thumbnail image for Unwind the Mind

    Duration: 52 minutes, 21 seconds

    Unwind the Mind

    Join Jessica Sayre for a 45-minute slow-flow yoga practice that’s designed to help you restore the body and mind. Thi... More

  • thumbnail image for Guided Meditation with Chanting

    Duration: 21 minutes, 49 seconds

    Guided Meditation with Chanting

    Get ready for a seated meditation, guided by Jessica, to help you go deep within so you can relax and restore your mi... More

  • thumbnail image for Diet and Nutrition for a Practical Lifestyle

    Duration: 11 minutes

    Diet and Nutrition for a Practical Li...

    This is a 10-minute lifestyle class that’s all about exploring proper diet and nutrition for a healthy mind and body ... More

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