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Yoga for Self Care

  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 55 seconds


    In this course you will have the opportunity to completely relax and recharge your body. These classes are ideal for ... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Kat

    Duration: 1 minute, 37 seconds

    Meet Kat

    During her very first savasana in her very first yoga class, Kat Fowler made a decision to become a teacher. Over tim... More

  • thumbnail image for Detox Flow Class

    Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 3 seconds

    Detox Flow Class

    This detox flow starts in childs pose. Enjoy some deep breath work, consciously feeling the back ribs expand and rela... More

  • thumbnail image for Easy Warm Up

    Duration: 11 minutes, 48 seconds

    Easy Warm Up

    This short class is designed to warm up the body. Start in childs pose, with the intention of relaxing the neck and s... More

  • thumbnail image for Heat Building Standing Flow

    Duration: 14 minutes, 2 seconds

    Heat Building Standing Flow

    Today Kat brings you a heat building standing flow. Beginning in Tadasana, spend some time mindfully deepening the br... More

  • thumbnail image for Backbends

    Duration: 12 minutes, 23 seconds


    This session of yoga for self care is focused on backbends. Join Kat for a sequence that prepares the body with a seq... More

  • thumbnail image for Hips and Lower Body

    Duration: 9 minutes, 23 seconds

    Hips and Lower Body

    Come take 10 minutes for self care. This quick practice is focused on the hips and lower body. Starting in seated, fl... More

  • thumbnail image for Cool Down

    Duration: 10 minutes, 58 seconds

    Cool Down

    Come cool down with Kat. This short practice offers great tools to downshift or close a practice. Take a reclined but... More

  • thumbnail image for Simple Restorative

    Duration: 27 minutes, 2 seconds

    Simple Restorative

    Kat Fowler is bringing you 30 minutes of soothing restorative practice. A blanket, yoga blocks and a bolster (or a fi... More

  • thumbnail image for Yoga Nidra

    Duration: 14 minutes, 39 seconds

    Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep… So this class is a really nice, long, guided savasana. Today Kat guide you through se... More

  • thumbnail image for 10 Minute Meditation

    Duration: 12 minutes, 6 seconds

    10 Minute Meditation

    Meditation is a cornerstone of Kat's practice. In this session she will guide you into present moment awareness with ... More

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