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Community Home Practice Challenge

  • thumbnail image for Roots Love Warm Up

    Duration: 22 minutes, 12 seconds

    Roots Love Warm Up

    Join Marie for this "Warm Up" practice that you can use to get ready for the day or before any other practice in this... More

  • thumbnail image for Day 2 Padangusthasana - Holly

    Duration: 35 minutes, 43 seconds

    Day 2 Padangusthasana - Holly

    Forward bends are an essential part of the healing journey of yoga. Join Holly Fiske in her daily vinyasa class to ha... More

  • thumbnail image for Twist and Bind Flow merged with Hamstrings

    Duration: 48 minutes, 34 seconds

    Twist and Bind Flow merged with Hamst...

    Join Faith for a 50-minute practice that’s all about twisting and binding. This is slow flowing practice that’s focus... More

  • thumbnail image for Health, Healing, & Restoration

    Duration: 20 minutes, 6 seconds

    Health, Healing, & Restoration

    Here’s a nice and easy entry to practice with Kino, a class that's great for people who have been traveling or who si... More

  • thumbnail image for Beginner’s Forward Bend Class

    Duration: 30 minutes, 16 seconds

    Beginner’s Forward Bend Class

    Join certified Iyengar teacher Rosa Santana for a Beginner's Forward Folding Class. Tune in for precise teachings on ... More

  • thumbnail image for Balance is a State of Mind - The Balancing Poses

    Duration: 17 minutes, 19 seconds

    Balance is a State of Mind - The Bala...

    Balance is a state of mind that is articulated in the body. As you practice the challenging balancing poses at the en... More

  • thumbnail image for Tree Pose Flow

    Duration: 21 minutes, 40 seconds

    Tree Pose Flow

    This is a 20-minute practice that will help you work on opening the hips, establishing balance, and working your way ... More

  • thumbnail image for Warrior Flow

    Duration: 26 minutes, 19 seconds

    Warrior Flow

    Join Kaitlyn for a flow-style practice that will have you moving through all of the Warrior poses. Use this class to ... More

  • thumbnail image for Day 10 Reverse Warrior - Erica

    Duration: 35 minutes, 4 seconds

    Day 10 Reverse Warrior - Erica

    If you store tension in the neck and shoulders or struggle with pain in these areas, then this is the perfect class f... More

  • thumbnail image for Flow Through

    Duration: 58 minutes, 27 seconds

    Flow Through

    Welcome back your exploration of the subtleties of Ashtanga Yoga. The past several classes in this series have helped... More

  • thumbnail image for Day 26: Reverse Plank

    Duration: 29 minutes, 5 seconds

    Day 26: Reverse Plank

    Welcome to Day 26! Today's practice is a full 30-minute session building all the way up to Reverse Plank, so don't mi... More

  • thumbnail image for Seated Sequence

    Duration: 18 minutes, 29 seconds

    Seated Sequence

    Join Mark for a class that explores the main patterns of the seated postures from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. T... More

  • thumbnail image for Half Primary with Deepika

    Duration: 58 minutes, 6 seconds

    Half Primary with Deepika

    Get started with the Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series with Deepika! This 58-minute practice is a great place to star... More

  • thumbnail image for Ashtanga Yoga Seated Asanas 2

    Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes

    Ashtanga Yoga Seated Asanas 2

    Class 5 continues to build upon what you’ve learned so far by adding in the Marichyasana postures and Navasana along ... More

  • thumbnail image for Day 18: Detox Twists, Marichasana C with Kino

    Duration: 15 minutes, 30 seconds

    Day 18: Detox Twists, Marichasana C w...

    Day 18 is Marichasana C, the third of the many poses dedicated to the Sage Marichi. This deep twist is a powerful det... More

  • thumbnail image for Ashtanga Primary Series - Sitting Sequence

    Duration: 39 minutes, 57 seconds

    Ashtanga Primary Series - Sitting Seq...

    This is the third of a series of instructional videos going through the whole Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with Linda... More

  • thumbnail image for Abs-solute Navasana Sequence

    Duration: 13 minutes, 2 seconds

    Abs-solute Navasana Sequence

    Join Matt Lombardo for this 20-minute Navasana focused practice where you'll go from hating Navasana to mildly dislik... More

  • thumbnail image for Guided Full Primary at Miami Life Center

    Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes, 55 seconds

    Guided Full Primary at Miami Life Center

    Ready for a full hour and 20 minutes of guided Primary Series practice with Kino’s husband, Tim Feldmann? Get the stu... More

  • thumbnail image for Supta Kurmasana

    Duration: 20 minutes, 1 second

    Supta Kurmasana

    Work toward accessing one of the most challenging asanas in the Ashtanga practice. Kino will guide you through techni... More

  • thumbnail image for Relaxing Yin for Hips

    Duration: 19 minutes, 27 seconds

    Relaxing Yin for Hips

    Grab a block, a bolster, some blankets or whatever props you happen to have laying around! In this 20-minute class, A... More

  • thumbnail image for Foundational Folds

    Duration: 14 minutes, 46 seconds

    Foundational Folds

    This is a 15-minute forward folding practice that takes you through the foundations of a strong and effective forward... More

  • thumbnail image for Get Down To Go Up

    Duration: 39 minutes, 8 seconds

    Get Down To Go Up

    Ready to experience how getting rooted and grounded in practice can help unveil a more expansive energy? Today’s prac... More

  • thumbnail image for The Journey Begins with a Noose and a Heron — Pasasana and Krounchasana

    Duration: 23 minutes, 39 seconds

    The Journey Begins with a Noose and a...

    This tutorial covers the first 2 poses of the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series, Pashasana and Krounchasana. Use this class... More

  • thumbnail image for Back Bendy

    Duration: 44 minutes, 37 seconds

    Back Bendy

    Join Erin for a 45-minute back bending practice that will help you create space in the body, stretch through the core... More

  • thumbnail image for Kapotasana

    Duration: 8 minutes, 54 seconds


    In this tutorial, Ty will discuss all of the mechanics of Kapotasana, showing you how to come into and out of this po... More

  • thumbnail image for Bakasana

    Duration: 14 minutes, 54 seconds


    With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to properly practice Bakasana, how to get in and out of the arm balance, and how... More

  • thumbnail image for Back Bending With Ease Guided Class

    Duration: 30 minutes, 34 seconds

    Back Bending With Ease Guided Class

    Now that you’ve watched and practiced along with each of the tutorials in this course, you can join Laruga for this 3... More

  • thumbnail image for Listen Up

    Duration: 40 minutes, 34 seconds

    Listen Up

    This practice is focused on guiding practitioners towards honest listening and deep feeling through breath work, medi... More

  • thumbnail image for Day 6: Strength & Inversions

    Duration: 34 minutes, 15 seconds

    Day 6: Strength & Inversions

    Use this practice to start building strength as Erica guides you through a sequence that’s all about inversions. In t... More

  • thumbnail image for Turning Inward - Closing Poses

    Duration: 24 minutes, 10 seconds

    Turning Inward - Closing Poses

    The healing benefits of the practice happen when the breath deepens and the mind calms. The Closing Poses of the Asht... More

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