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Community Home Practice Challenge

Vinyasa - 30 Lessons

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Roots Love Warm Up

22 minutes, 12 seconds

Day 2 Padangusthasana - Holly

35 minutes, 43 seconds

Twist and Bind Flow merged with ...

48 minutes, 33 seconds

Health, Healing, & Restoration

20 minutes, 6 seconds

Beginner’s Forward Bend Class

30 minutes, 15 seconds

Balance is a State of Mind - The...

17 minutes, 19 seconds

Tree Pose Flow

21 minutes, 39 seconds

Warrior Flow

26 minutes, 19 seconds

Day 10 Reverse Warrior - Erica

35 minutes, 4 seconds

Flow Through

58 minutes, 26 seconds

Day 26: Reverse Plank

29 minutes, 5 seconds

Seated Sequence

18 minutes, 29 seconds

Half Primary with Deepika

58 minutes, 6 seconds

Ashtanga Yoga Seated Asanas 2

1 hour, 7 minutes, 59 seconds

Day 18: Detox Twists, Marichasan...

15 minutes, 30 seconds

Ashtanga Primary Series - Sittin...

39 minutes, 56 seconds

Abs-solute Navasana Sequence

13 minutes, 1 second

Guided Full Primary at Miami Lif...

1 hour, 14 minutes, 55 seconds

Supta Kurmasana

20 minutes, 1 second

Relaxing Yin for Hips

19 minutes, 26 seconds

Foundational Folds

14 minutes, 46 seconds

Get Down To Go Up

39 minutes, 8 seconds

The Journey Begins with a Noose ...

23 minutes, 38 seconds

Back Bendy

44 minutes, 37 seconds


8 minutes, 54 seconds


14 minutes, 53 seconds

Back Bending With Ease Guided Cl...

30 minutes, 34 seconds

Listen Up

40 minutes, 34 seconds

Day 6: Strength & Inversions

34 minutes, 15 seconds

Turning Inward - Closing Poses

24 minutes, 9 seconds

Course InfoComments

Community Home Practice Challenge

Get inspired to keep stepping onto your mat to practice when you join the #HomePracticeChallenge. Get to know new teachers and find out if their style is a good match for you. Receive a new pose and video class every day for 30 days, complete with modifications to make them truly accessible. Whether you love Ashtanga, Flow, Yin or Vinyasa, you’ll enjoy this challenge. Each day is loosely based on the Ashtanga Primary series, but mixes in non-ashtanga classes to provide you with a new way of looking at the practice and poses you’re familiar with. Join your Omstars yoga family to get the support you crave. Let’s come together in community, in movement, and in breath. You’re never alone in your practice.

Multiple Hosts


All Levels

Lesson Count:
30 lessons

Total Duration:
15 hours, 47 minutes, 46 seconds


Course Created On:
April 2nd, 2020

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