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Yoga Is

Vinyasa - 32 Lessons

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Yoga Is Trailer

1 minute, 5 seconds

Day 1—Commitment—Downward Facing...

21 minutes, 43 seconds

Day 2—Strength—Plank

22 minutes, 40 seconds

Day 3—Acceptance and Contentment...

23 minutes, 32 seconds

Day 4— Balance—Tree Pose

26 minutes, 51 seconds

Day 5—Healing—Padangusthasana

24 minutes, 33 seconds

Day 6—Breath—Utkatasana

19 minutes, 39 seconds

Day 7—Awareness—Virabhadrasana B

17 minutes, 44 seconds

Day 8—Harmony—Janu Sirsasana

20 minutes, 43 seconds

Day 9—Kindness—Marichasana A

25 minutes, 6 seconds

Day 10–Happiness—Baddha Konasana

23 minutes, 44 seconds

Day 11–Compassion—Shalabhasana

23 minutes, 45 seconds

Day 12–Gratitude—Parsvakonasana A

22 minutes, 55 seconds

Day 13—Patience—Marichasana C

22 minutes, 46 seconds

Day 14–Joy—Happy Baby

17 minutes, 10 seconds

Day 15–Mindfulness—Trikonasana A

32 minutes, 29 seconds

Day 16– Discipline/Tapas—Navasana

26 minutes, 45 seconds

Day 17– Practice—Dolphin

20 minutes, 18 seconds

Day 18–Awakening—Anjaneyasana

22 minutes, 1 second

Day 19—Wisdom—Side Plank

20 minutes, 34 seconds

Day 20—Equanimity—Lolasana

20 minutes, 44 seconds

Day 21—Unity— Pigeon

25 minutes, 2 seconds

Day 22–Energy—Bakasana

27 minutes, 25 seconds

Day 23–Love—Gomukhasana

27 minutes, 2 seconds

Day 24–Sanctuary/Refuge—Ustrasana

32 minutes, 57 seconds

Day 25—Forgiveness—Utthita Hasta...

32 minutes, 46 seconds

Day 26—Prayer—Warrior III

28 minutes, 4 seconds

Day 27–Stillness—Headstand

28 minutes,

Day 28– Peace—Paschimattansana

29 minutes, 32 seconds

Day 29–Spirit/God—Halasana

34 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 30– Freedom—Simple Bridge / ...

36 minutes, 17 seconds

Day 31– Home—Padmasana/Seated Po...

49 minutes, 31 seconds

Yoga Is

Welcome to the perfect place to start your yoga journey! For the first time on Omstars, Kino is guiding you through 31 days of practice with a brand new video everyday! This is ‘Yoga is…’ a month long journey into the heart of what yoga really is. Kino has designed this challenge around two things. There is a peak pose, or asana, that’s presented in a way that makes each class truly accessible. You’ll also be encouraged to learn a life lesson, something from the heart of what yoga really is. Dive deeply into lessons on yogic ideals like kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and commitment. This course is about finding the connection between the yoga poses and the inner spiritual journey. Kino has been practicing everyday for 20 years, that’s how she knows that through practice you can experience more peace, more happiness, and more love than you’ve ever imagined. Join the challenge today for a whole new insight into what yoga really is.

Kino MacGregor


All Levels

Lesson Count:
32 lessons

Total Duration:
13 hours, 27 minutes, 42 seconds


Course Created On:
December 30th, 2019

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