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Yoga Sutras

Yoga Philosophy - 32 Lessons

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Yoga Sutra I.1: The Concept of "...

8 minutes, 17 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.2: The State of Sti...

10 minutes, 16 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.3: The Seer (Self)

6 minutes, 11 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.4: The Two Paths

6 minutes, 46 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.12: Practice and No...

9 minutes, 9 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.13: Creating Streng...

5 minutes, 12 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.14: Establish Your ...

12 minutes, 39 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.31: Overcoming Obst...

14 minutes,

Yoga Sutra I.32: A Single Point ...

8 minutes, 46 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.33: What it Really ...

11 minutes, 1 second

Yoga Sutra I.15: Non-Attachment ...

10 minutes, 37 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.16: The Essence of ...

8 minutes, 23 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.21: Your Spiritual ...

6 minutes, 16 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.34: The Breath

8 minutes, 8 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.35: The Subtle Body

8 minutes, 46 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.23: Practice and De...

13 minutes, 55 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.24: The Divine Soul

10 minutes, 24 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.25: Creativity

6 minutes, 47 seconds

Yoga Sutra 1.26: The Ultimate Gu...

9 minutes, 18 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.27: The Holy Vibrat...

6 minutes, 13 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.28: Divine Repetiti...

5 minutes, 49 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.29: Calming the Mind

9 minutes, 49 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.5: The Five Vrittis

11 minutes, 7 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.6: The Five Disturb...

10 minutes, 8 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.8: The Error of Per...

9 minutes, 2 seconds

Yoga Sutra 1.9: Vikalpah, Imagin...

9 minutes, 11 seconds

Yoga Sutra 1.10: Finding Stillne...

7 minutes, 40 seconds

Yoga Sutra 1.11: Use Your Memory...

10 minutes, 49 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.22: Deeper Levels o...

8 minutes, 10 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.20: Your Spiritual ...

14 minutes, 9 seconds

Yoga Sutra II.16: Dealing with P...

5 minutes, 3 seconds

Yoga Sutra I.7: Understanding is...

10 minutes, 28 seconds

Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a collection of ancient philosophies that hold all the wisdom of the yoga tradition. With this course, Kino will help you to understand and interpret the secrets of the Yoga Sutra. As you learn about what these ancient wisdoms have to offer, you'll discover that they can easily be applied to and even aid you in living out your everyday life in our modern society.

Kino MacGregor

Yoga Philosophy

All Levels

Lesson Count:
32 lessons

Total Duration:
4 hours, 52 minutes, 42 seconds


Course Created On:
May 18th, 2017

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