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Yogic Breath and Meditation

  • thumbnail image for Resonance Breathing

    Duration: 44 minutes, 21 seconds

    Resonance Breathing

    Before diving into challenging breathing practices, having a solid understanding of resonance breathing is incredibly... More

  • thumbnail image for Bandha Fundamentals

    Duration: 45 minutes, 25 seconds

    Bandha Fundamentals

    This class shares the fundamentals of engaging Mula and Uddiyana Bandha. Starting to engage these energy centers will... More

  • thumbnail image for Introduction to Breath Rententions

    Duration: 26 minutes, 21 seconds

    Introduction to Breath Rententions

    We begin by bringing more awareness to the internal flow of the breath by starting with a stretch through the psoas l... More

  • thumbnail image for Window of Tolerance

    Duration: 53 minutes, 8 seconds

    Window of Tolerance

    We cover expanding our "window of tolerance" through longer breath holds in this class. We have a small moment betwee... More

  • thumbnail image for Agnisara and Uddiyana Bandha

    Duration: 37 minutes, 51 seconds

    Agnisara and Uddiyana Bandha

    In this class we practice agnisara, uddiyana bandha, resonance breathing, and alternate nostril breathing techniques.... More

  • thumbnail image for Metta Meditation

    Duration: 31 minutes, 8 seconds

    Metta Meditation

    Loving Kindness or Metta meditation's importance is explained before the practice begins. We start with a balancing r... More

  • thumbnail image for Bhramari Pranayama

    Duration: 34 minutes, 46 seconds

    Bhramari Pranayama

    Bhramari or Humming bee pranayama is explained before the practice begins. This practice includes the calming practic... More

  • thumbnail image for Energizing Morning Breath Practices

    Duration: 46 minutes, 32 seconds

    Energizing Morning Breath Practices

    We practice Uddiyana Kriya, Kapalabhati, light breath retentions, and we end with observing 6 points of awareness wit... More

  • thumbnail image for Intro to Jalandhara Bandha & Loving Kindness Meditation

    Duration: 50 minutes, 39 seconds

    Intro to Jalandhara Bandha & Loving K...

    Understand the reason behind chin lock or Jalandhara Bandha and how it helps to control blood pressure and keep us co... More

  • thumbnail image for The Breath of Deep Relaxation

    Duration: 41 minutes, 5 seconds

    The Breath of Deep Relaxation

    All of the practices in this class are powerful at activating deep relaxation in our body. We begin with Humming Bee ... More

  • thumbnail image for Clear Out Stagnation Resonance Breathing - Kapalabhati w/retention - Bhramari

    Duration: 40 minutes, 55 seconds

    Clear Out Stagnation Resonance Breath...

    Most breathing happens at the lower lobes of the lungs and the practices in this class help us breathe more efficient... More

  • thumbnail image for Lightness of Body

    Duration: 37 minutes, 26 seconds

    Lightness of Body

    By engaging the bandhas, we begin to become more aware of the subtler sensations of our body that aid us in letting g... More

  • thumbnail image for Turning off Default Mode

    Duration: 33 minutes, 7 seconds

    Turning off Default Mode

    Ujjayi Breath - Learn to make ocean sound as you inhale as well as exhale Single nostril breathing left side 5x Sin... More

  • thumbnail image for Mantras and Balance

    Duration: 41 minutes, 37 seconds

    Mantras and Balance

    Using mantras during breath retention can help calm the mind and support longer breath holds. The breathing practices... More

  • thumbnail image for Embodied Gratitude & Breath Retentions w/Jalandhara Bandha

    Duration: 36 minutes, 39 seconds

    Embodied Gratitude & Breath Retention...

    Resonance breathing Resonance breath w/ retention and jalandhara bandha at top of the inhale Resonance breath w/ re... More

  • thumbnail image for What does my heart need more of?

    Duration: 35 minutes, 27 seconds

    What does my heart need more of?

    Resonance breath with retention at top and bottom of the breath. Single nostril 5x each side Finish with meditation... More

  • thumbnail image for Becoming Embodied

    Duration: 39 minutes, 58 seconds

    Becoming Embodied

    Bhramari or humming bee x7 Ujjayi Viloma 2/3 w/ inhale and exhale retention Metta or Loving Kindness meditation to... More

  • thumbnail image for Increase NPMs and Viloma

    Duration: 47 minutes, 26 seconds

    Increase NPMs and Viloma

    Increase NPMs (Noticings per minute) and Viloma (against the natural order)- 1 small pause at 2/3 of the breath on ... More

  • thumbnail image for Blending Opposites

    Duration: 41 minutes, 34 seconds

    Blending Opposites

    We can begin to offer the most beautiful part of an inhale to our exhales and vice versa. In doing so, we begin to bl... More

  • thumbnail image for Gentle Breath Retentions

    Duration: 39 minutes, 20 seconds

    Gentle Breath Retentions

    Gentle Breath Retentions Agni Sara - Fire energy breath. Contraindications - recent hernia or surgery in the abdom... More

  • thumbnail image for Increasing Breath Retentions

    Duration: 42 minutes, 29 seconds

    Increasing Breath Retentions

    Ujjayi Viloma 2/3s with retention at top and bottom agni sara with retention at top for 10 seconds More

  • thumbnail image for Love

    Duration: 42 minutes


    Become more intimate with your inner experience through the whispering sound of the ujjayi breath and small breath r... More

  • thumbnail image for Stimulating Bhastrika and Bandhas Subtle Energy

    Duration: 38 minutes, 45 seconds

    Stimulating Bhastrika and Bandhas Sub...

    Once we begin to notice the subtle energies of our bandhas and access them simultaneously, we begin to light up our i... More

  • thumbnail image for Learning to Stretch the Breath & Find Balance

    Duration: 39 minutes, 21 seconds

    Learning to Stretch the Breath & Find...

    Resonance Ujjayi Breath with retentions Bhastrika Alternate Nostril breathing Original live class on 2/27/2021 More

  • thumbnail image for Deepening the Connection to the Heart

    Duration: 39 minutes, 49 seconds

    Deepening the Connection to the Heart

    Ujjayi breathing can help us begin to sensitize the body & heart. This allows the mind to connect to the body and all... More

  • thumbnail image for Garden Meditation & Yogic Breath

    Duration: 31 minutes, 13 seconds

    Garden Meditation & Yogic Breath

    This class was recorded at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden. Ujjayi breathing Agni Sara Origina... More

  • thumbnail image for Guided Living with Intention Meditation

    Duration: 32 minutes, 13 seconds

    Guided Living with Intention Meditation

    We sometimes get off track with our goals and our deepest values because life throws us curve balls, and this meditat... More

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