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Yogic Breath and Meditation

Pranayama - 36 Lessons

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Resonance Breathing

44 minutes, 21 seconds

Bandha Fundamentals

45 minutes, 24 seconds

Introduction to Breath Rententio...

26 minutes, 21 seconds

Window of Tolerance

53 minutes, 7 seconds

Agnisara and Uddiyana Bandha

37 minutes, 50 seconds

Metta Meditation

31 minutes, 8 seconds

Bhramari Pranayama

34 minutes, 45 seconds

Energizing Morning Breath Practi...

46 minutes, 32 seconds

Intro to Jalandhara Bandha & Lov...

50 minutes, 38 seconds

The Breath of Deep Relaxation

41 minutes, 5 seconds

Clear Out Stagnation Resonance B...

40 minutes, 55 seconds

Lightness of Body

37 minutes, 26 seconds

Turning off Default Mode

33 minutes, 7 seconds

Mantras and Balance

41 minutes, 37 seconds

Embodied Gratitude & Breath Rete...

36 minutes, 39 seconds

What does my heart need more of?

35 minutes, 27 seconds

Becoming Embodied

39 minutes, 57 seconds

Increase NPMs and Viloma

47 minutes, 26 seconds

Blending Opposites

41 minutes, 34 seconds

Gentle Breath Retentions

39 minutes, 20 seconds

Increasing Breath Retentions

42 minutes, 28 seconds


41 minutes, 59 seconds

Stimulating Bhastrika and Bandha...

38 minutes, 45 seconds

Learning to Stretch the Breath &...

39 minutes, 20 seconds

Deepening the Connection to the ...

39 minutes, 48 seconds

Garden Meditation & Yogic Breath

31 minutes, 12 seconds

Guided Living with Intention Med...

32 minutes, 13 seconds

Listening to your inner teacher

28 minutes, 31 seconds

Rewiring the brain for deep peace

31 minutes, 57 seconds

Breath Retentions for a Calmer M...

29 minutes, 4 seconds

Core Values

29 minutes, 11 seconds

Deep Calm

32 minutes, 31 seconds

Deconditioning Habit Energies

42 minutes, 28 seconds

Keeping the heart open

36 minutes, 52 seconds

Cultivating Equanimity

48 minutes, 23 seconds

Continuing to Cultivate Equanimi...

40 minutes, 17 seconds

Yogic Breath and Meditation

Although breathing is an automatic function, when we truly begin to pay attention to it and attempt to direct the flow, it becomes a bridge to the deeper levels of yoga and meditation. Once we begin to manipulate the breath through yogic breathing practices, stilling the revolutions of the mind becomes more accessible. This all levels practice is a journey inward through the breath and an opportunity to experience a sense of calm.

Franci Blanco


All Levels

Lesson Count:
36 lessons

Total Duration:
23 hours, 9 minutes, 54 seconds


Course Created On:
August 11th, 2020

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