How to do Parivrtta Malasana (Rotated Garland Pose)

Do you want to know how to do parivrtta malasana? This pose is a powerful twist that opens the hips and shoulders while strengthening the spine. It stretches and engages the core muscles, helping to create stability in your movements. If you practice this pose regularly can experience improved balance, increased flexibility, and increased overall strength. Whether you’re just starting out with yoga or are looking to deepen your practice, this pose can help you achieve your goals! Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Benefits of parivrtta malasana

  • Stretches your hips and shoulders
  • Activates your core muscles
  • Creates stability in your spine
  • Improves overall balance
  • Relieves tension throughout the body
  • Stimulates healthy digestion
  • Aids in the removal of toxins from your body

Contraindications of parivrtta malasana

Parivrtta malasana should be avoided if you have a shoulder, hip, or back injury that might be aggravated by this pose. People with high blood pressure or heart problems should also avoid this pose, as it may increase the strain on these organs.

How to do parivrtta malasana

Start by standing with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart

Bend your knees and slowly sink into a yogi squat. If you can’t keep your feet flat on the ground in a squat, use a folded blanket or towel under your heels to support your feet.

Keep your legs and core active. Take a moment to ground yourself in the squat with your hands in prayer position.

Once you feel like you are settled into your squat, you can begin to twist. Place one hand on the floor in front of you and rotate your torso. Place the other hand on your knee.

Stay here for five breaths before slowly releasing and trying the other side.

By following these simple instructions, you can enjoy all of the benefits that the parivrtta malasana pose has to offer. With regular practice of this pose, you can experience improved flexibility, balance, and strength.

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