How to Reduce Stress with Awareness

Stress, panic, anxiety and emotional breakdowns. Ever since we have been quarantined, many near and dear ones are complaining about all these emotions hitting them hard. Here’s my take and personal experience on dealing with such breakdowns.

Make it a vehicle to meditate upon.

Consider being totally aware of when this comes to you. Don’t try to get rid of it or avoid it at any cost. Instead be desperate to get hit by them. Make it a vehicle to meditate upon. Remember everything that troubles you is in fact a method a tool that can take you inward.

Watch who it is that actually suffers.

With full awareness every day, try to introspect the panic, the fear, or whatever that troubles you, as if you want to have a deep dive into it while you watch who is it that actually suffers. What part of your identity suffers it? I want you to feel what happens in you when this emotion takes over you. What body part feels it first then how does it move along. Consciously watching and analyzing every single intricate details taking place within you.

Look at the panic or stress as the object.

Look at the panic or stress as the object, while the one who feels it as the subject. And as we contemplate on it, gradually we no more identify with both the objectivity and subjectivity, developing a sense of rootedness with the observer behind them both.

Where ever you take the candle the darkness instantly disappears.

It’s simple, just like trying to find darkness with the help of a candle. Where ever you take the candle, the darkness instantly disappears. Your awareness and will to search and analyse your fears without the intention of getting rid of them is the candle. Carry your flame with you. As the last words of Gautama Buddha says: “Appo Deepo Bhava,” “Be a light onto yourself” अप्प दीपो भव ||


By Rajat Thakur

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Rajat Thakur is a Mountain Guide, Climber, Skier and an authorised Yoga teacher from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Foundation. He comes from a small town ‘Manali’ in the Indian Himalayas and never leaves a chance to express his devotion & love for the Mountains. Rajat has been traveling around India to places like Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore, Himachal Pradesh, learning from Swamis and Gurus different ancient forms of Yoga methods. Before taking up Yoga as his life long journey, he use to give Asana and Pranayama lessons to people who had a hard time acclimatizing to the high altitude on expeditions he lead. Even though the classes were never part of the itinerary, Rajat began to find immense joy in helping others. This joy and sense of personal satisfaction led him to integrate Yoga more deeply and he currently disseminates the profound knowledge of Yoga in his Home town (Manali). He believes that it must be our commitment to everyday invest some time on our personal practice, our well being, self love & self care. Because once we give it to ourself we can give it to the world and through this act of giving one can open doors to self realization.

Photo is done by luke cg aka Gitesh Gupta 

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