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Evolve Your Practice: The 6-Day Ashtanga Challenge

A FREE 6-Day Ashtanga Challenge

with Kino MacGregor

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Practice with Kino every day for six days

Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga yoga method

Get the motivation you need to continue practicing after the challenge

Course Overview

This is your opportunity to join master teacher Kino MacGregor for an exploration of the Ashtanga yoga method. Practice with Kino for six days and experience what it is like to learn a teacher who has over 20 years of Ashtanga experience. This challenge will inspire you to step onto your mat and explore the beauty of Ashtanga. You'll learn important lessons that you will carry with you into your daily life. This challenge is ideal for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Enter your email address to sign up today!



Why you should join the Evolve Your Practice: The 6-Day Ashtanga Challenge

- Learn from an expert

- Gain an understanding of Ashtanga postures

- Get stronger and more flexible

- Improve your balance

- Build a new healthy habit

- Enhance your yoga practice

- Be part of a community of yogis

- Experience the joy of yoga