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The Plank Challenge

Transform Your Body and Mind

with Kino MacGregor

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Discover your strength both inside and out with this free challenge!

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Daily inspirational talks from Kino

Plank practice with Kino

Journal prompts about each challenge theme

Course Overview

Transform your Body and Mind

build physical and mental strength with this fun 14-day challenge. Begin anytime and join kino for daily inspirational talks to give you the fortitude to get you through the hard stuff in life. Tap into your mental power as you increase your core and shoulder strength by practicing plank holds. The challenge is an excellent way to explore what strength really means to you while getting the support you need to challenge yourself mentally and physically


Why you should join the Plank Challenge


- Change your perceptions
- Acquire new mental tools to get you through life
- Core strength is essential for overall health
- Reduce risk of injury
- Improve posture
- Increase balance and stability
- Gain confidence
- Feel motivated to continue your health journey
- Explore what strength means to you
- Get support in starting a new healthy habit


Daily Themes


- Patience
- Perseverance
- Power
- Peace
- Purpose
- Practice
- Potential
- Presence
- Perspective
- Passion
- Play
- Pure
- Prayer
- Progress