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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Art of Teaching Yin

with Jo Phee

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Course Overview

Earn Your Yin Yoga Teacher Certification with this 25-Hour Intensive Course from Master Teacher Jo Phee


In a world often dominated by fast-paced, high-energy activities, yin yoga provides a counterbalance for teachers and students. Learning to teach yin allows you to offer your students a complementary practice to more dynamic and muscularly engaging forms of yoga. 


Learn the nuances of yin yoga from a true master in the field and take your teaching to new heights.  This comprehensive training lays the foundation for anyone seeking to teach yin yoga by giving you the tools, techniques, and knowledge to …

Diversify your teaching skills:  Whether you are already an experienced yoga instructor or just starting your teaching journey, the ability to offer a variety of styles, including yin, makes you more versatile and appealing to a broader range of students.


Provide stress reduction and overall wellness for students: Yin yoga focuses on long-held, passive postures that target the connective tissues and promote flexibility. As a yin yoga teacher, you empower your students to experience holistic wellness, addressing both physical and mental stresses. 


Adapt poses for all students: Yin Yoga is accessible to practitioners of all levels, including beginners and those with physical limitations. Learning how to teach yin allows you to cater to a broader audience, fostering inclusivity and making yoga more accessible to a diverse range of individuals.


Deepened your personal practice: Teaching yin yoga requires a profound understanding of the practice. As you learn to guide others, you inevitably deepen your own understanding and personal practice, enhancing your connection with the postures and the philosophy behind yin yoga.


Course Structure


This 25-hour course contains 6 lectures explaining essential knowledge necessary to teach yin yoga. Learn the 14-10-7 Functional Teaching Method, explore the connection between the physical and emotional body, and gain an understanding of the anatomy of yin poses and how different bodies respond to different poses. You’ll also cultivate a working knowledge of the yin concept of home and rebound. Jo Phee teaches you everything you need to provide your students with a truly relaxing and impactful yin class. 


You’ll learn to teach 6 yin yoga sequences. Experience the sequence as a student followed by a thorough explanation from Jo about why the sequence is presented in that particular order, how to modify it for your students, and other important details.


You’ll leave with the skills to begin teaching yin and giving your students a new offering to help bring peace and calm to their lives.


What you’ll learn:


- A detailed explanation of the theories of yin yoga

- How static yin postures complement dynamic yoga styles

- Why and when to practice yin yoga

- Why muscular tension and skeletal morphology can limit certain postures

- How to address and ease these restrictions

- Why every yoga pose is bad for somebody

- Choosing which yin poses to use based on target areas

- Using the 14-10-7 model to lead a yin yoga class

- Learn all the various themes suitable for Yin Yoga

- Techniques for crafting creative yin sequences


What you’ll receive:


- Digital Manual

- 25-hours of recorded classes

- Lifetime Access

- Yin Yoga Teacher Certification