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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Art of Teaching Yin

with Jo Phee

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25 hours of expert training

Course Overview

Hone your teaching skills with Jo Phee's Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Learn how to teach the original Yin Yoga in this immersive training. With 25 hours of expert instruction, this comprehensive training lays the foundation for anyone seeking to teach Yin Yoga competently. Graduates will leave the training equipped with the necessary teaching skills to confidently guide a Yin Yoga class to all levels of the public.


What you’ll learn:


• Why and when to practice yin yoga
• Why muscular tension and skeletal morphology can limit certain postures
• How to address and ease these restrictions
• Why every yoga pose is bad for somebody
• Choosing which yin poses to use based on target areas
• Using the 14-10-7 model to lead a yin yoga class
• Learn all the various themes suitable for Yin Yoga
• Techniques for crafting creative yin sequences