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The Power in Progress

Monday, January 31st at 10:30 pm (in your local timezone)

Week 5 - Growth In this final class in the series, we’ll feel the confidence and resilience within our physical practice and then end with a workshop on growth, where we’ll develop actionable goals to give us a direction towards our best selves and best lives. Each class in this series combines a foundational 40-minute strength flow with a 15-minute workshop on goal setting and legacy building. Each week we will use this foundational flow to measure our physical and mental progress while utilizing specific themes for each workshop.

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Join Jeremy and 13 other yogis
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Jeremy Walton

Jeremy Walton is a mindful performance coach dedicated to the mental and physical development of athletes. He grew up a multi-sport athlete and became a personal trainer in 2001 and began practicing yoga. Since then he’s developed a mindful approach and understanding of human biomechanics, meditation, sports psychology, and professional development. He's a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, 200 hour registered yoga teacher, Meditation Facilitator, and USA Track and Field Level 1 Run Coach. He’s worked with some of the top studios and brands in the world including lululemon, Fitbit, Conde’ Nast, equinox, MIRROR, Asutra, Wave5, ATAQ, SHRED415, an...

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